War Journal Post #002

Okay, let’s get right to it.

 How many of y’all saw that debacle called The MTV Video Music Awards?  Show of hands? 

 Oy vey.  This was bad.  I mean really bad.  And the worst of the lot?

Britney Spears.

And for a really bad show, that’s sayin’ something.  I mean, everybody, and I mean everybody was waiting for Brit to premiere her new single and this “one of a kind” performance.  Well, it was a one-of-a-kind all right.  It sucked to high heaven.  Brit looked bored and/or totally out of it.  She still had some of that baby fat (and that ain’t a bad thing) but when you come out in a teeny tiny studded bikini, you better be in shape.  She was lip-syncing (oooo, big surprise there…) and her dancers seemed more enthused than she did.  The faces in the crowd told the story.  They looked like they were in agony.

 Hell, even I felt sorry for the bitch.

 Meanwhile, the show lumbered along with maybe two or three really standout performances.  The two stellar performances were Chris Brown and Alicia Keys.  What makes Brown’s performance more important is that we’ve come to expect Alicia to bring the heat.  She has a track record.  Chris, on the other hand, raised his game to an unseen level.  He literally saved the damn show.  The classic Michael Jackson dead-on impersonation, the Little Tramp homage, and straight killin it with a performance that will be repeated ad nauseum, the kid raised the level, the bar, and literally with one performance went from Boy to Man.

 Alicia, on the other hand, did what Alicia does – make you remember that Britney, Beyonce, Ciara, and all the rest can’t fuck with her when she’s on point.  Alicia premiered her new single, “No One” and then went into a killer rendition of “Freedom” that George Michael could only wish he ever did.  By the time she was finished, the crowd had remembered that the VMA’s used to have perfomances like this on the regular and was glad at least one performer remembered that.

 Meanwhile – the suites.  Yeah, because MTV took over Vegas, they had certain acts in suites performing to mini parties.  This is where this idea went south.  You took your hottest acts and put them in suites.  WTF?  Oh, I’ll give you a list:

 Foo Fighters, Kanye West, Linkin Park performed in the main club, JT with Timberland and Nelly Furtado, and Fall Out Boy.  Some of those performances were better than the main stage.  Kanye’s “Good Life” with T-Pain, Foo Fighters with Gnarls Barkley, Fall Out Boy with Rihanna (more on her later), JT and Timbo with Fiddy.  All good.  And JT, Timbo and Nelly closed the show with a decent performance that was cut short because of time.

 Then there was the force called Rihanna.  Ri-Ri nabbed the biggie of the night – Video Of The Year.  She also put in work for Chris Brown’s performance, and then did “Shut Up And Dance” with Fall Out Boy.  Ri-Ri was all over the place and you could see that she is definitely the new “face” for this generation and took the spotlight from Brit.

In a way.

 Brit was the talk of the show, but not for the reasons she hoped.  They felt bad for her.  The kiss of death.  Some other notes:

Timberland, who was the musical director of this year’s VMA’s,  was against Brit opening the show.  Guess who was walking around like he had the biggest dick in the room for the rest of the show?

Tommy Lee and Kid Rock got into a fight over Pamela Anderson during Alicia Keys’ performance.  Pam, for all it was worth, seemed disgusted by the whole thing.  I guess she finally grown up.  She introduced Kanye and did the usual “I’m Pammy and I’m sexy” deal – no biggie.

 Diddy introed the last performance with Dallas Austin, Nelly and Yung Joc.  Diddy let everyone know where his party was and I bet he had a killer party – the one thing he knows how to do is throw a party.

 Dr. Dre showed up for the Vanguard Award and to present the Video Of The Year award.  The man looked like he’s been hittin’ the gym hard.  Dre was brolic.  Between him, Fiddy and Timberland, they looked like they could take out the room if they had to.

That’s it.  The show sucked.  Alicia and Chris saved what could be saved.  Rihanna won damn near everything.


~ by sladewilson on September 10, 2007.

9 Responses to “War Journal Post #002”

  1. I didn’t watch the VMAs this year. I gave up years ago. I did happen to catch the Britney “performance” online, and I use the term “performance” very loosely. As loose as… well… nevermind. :p I just felt so sad for her, and I am not a fan of hers by far. She looked so out of it, and unprepared. The wardrobe choices were not flattering, but she looks pretty good for just having two babies back to back.

    I was expecting it to be bad in a cheezy, over the top, trying to prove herself kind of way. The reality was bad in a different way. For some one known as being a performer, rather than a vocalist, it was inexcusably lackluster. Give me a few cosmos, and I’ll dance circles around her sparkly-glitter underpants!

  2. OMG! I found ya by a link here and link there, and ya know what I thought of ya when I was watching the VMA’s last night, I was wondering to myself what you were gunna be blogging about. Glad I found ya.

    I agree with you on Brit’s show. She totally sucked, did look bored,nervous, whatever you want to call it. What I can’t believe though is how hardly anyone was laughing with Sarah up their joking about Brot’s kids. It hought it was priceless. Maybe they were still in shock?

    I embarrassingly so haven’t heard of Chris Brown before the show last night, and now I am waiting to see what the kid comes up with omg he was amazing! Watching people dance like that makes me want to get up and dance, and that doesn’t happen very often.

    Anyways before I get long and winded here, it’s good to see ya and I will be linking you. 🙂

  3. Chica – you got to check out Blog Nomads and link your blog there.

    As for the VMA’s – yuch. Heidi – you should’ve checked out Foo Fighters, Alica and Chris Brown – they rocked. Kanye was having a fit about being shut out – he’s got a point but still…

    And did anyone hear about the Kid Rock vs Tommy Lee mini fight? Over Pammy-Pam? Bwhahahahahahaha….

  4. Yeah I will check it out and yeah I heard about Kid rock and tommy lee. I would say they both love Pam, and they can’t stand each other. I would have loved to see the damage or lack there of on tommy’s face. lol

  5. I can’t believe you had the stomach to sit through the whole thing.

    I watched about a half hour, and it was the most terrible awards show and musical performance show I have ever seen. Were the Foo Fighters the only ones who didn’t lip-synch?

    Yeah, Chris Brown’s a great dancer, but big deal, it’s not the So You Think You Can Dance Awards. Dude only even lip-synched the fifteen words to his track half of the time. (Oh, and I thought it was amusing that, after the Jackson impersonation, he was table dancing with two young boys. Who planned that one?)

    The fact that these ‘performers’ can’t or don’t or choose not to actually sing the songs that they’re there to get industry-handjobbed over infuriates me.

    If I was a fan of any of the shitty flavour of the week music that seems to dominate lately, and I went to a ‘live’ show, and they fucking mimed their album in a sea of sweaty zombie backup dancers, I would be fucking pissed.

    If you can only sing when you have a room full of sound engineers, producers, and software geniuses to make you sound decent, then you are not a singer or an artist, you are a muppet.

    Whoa, that was more ranty then I expected it to be. I just miss when musicians would actually perform music at music awards shows.

  6. “Were the Foo Fighters the only ones who didn’t lip-synch?”

    Well, no.

    Alicia Keys, Fall Out Boy, Kanye, and JT and da crew didn’t lip synch either.

    As for Chris Brown – it was a step up from the usual “for the kiddies” performance. Baby steps, sic – give the little punk a break.

    And I didn’t sit thru the show – I dvred that motherfucker. I will ask this – what musical performances besides Brit’s God-Awful performance did you see?

  7. I think Brit Spears is the new ordained, Anna Nicole Smith, the dumb blond everyone loves to make fun of.

    And it’s been awhile Slade, how are things in New york and blog land?

  8. good Lord…you hit it on the nose. I think will effectively kill whatever career Spears thought she had left….

  9. Pat – Everything is okay, considering. NY is beautiful as always and blog land – weeeell, you see I’m here and you read my blog about the troubles over at EFX2 so you know.

    I think it would’ve been tougher if we hadn’t been thru it before. Now, everyone knows what to do.

    How are you, bro? Ready for this new LOST season?

    MK – I don’t know – she can get in shape and knock out a kick ass dance hit. It’s not beyond her grasp but right now, she’s looking lost. Maybe Federline was more on point about old girl than we thought…perish forbid…

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