WJP #004 – Things Have Changed…

As you can see, I’ve changed the look of the blog.  It probably won’t be the last time.  As I learn WP, the more things will change, but I like this place right now.  It’s stable and I love stability.  It’s a good thing. 

 I miss EFX2 and while I know the following is petty, it’s how I feel:

 I hope the little bastard that hacked us goes thru immeasurable torment.

Okay, back to business.

If you look at the sidebar, I’ve added videos.  I kinda like this little widget WP has.  I wish I could add my LastFM and iTunes widgets but (so far – hint, hint, WordPress) I will make due with what is available.  Their RSS and other features are pretty cool, plus I get alerts to when someone comments and I’m loving that.

So, for the foreseeable future, here lies the War Journal.  When EFX2 Blogs kicks in, I’ll probably hook up there and wait until Keith gets the bugs out and it’s a go.  Meanwhile, occassionally you’ll see a YouTube post, sports, whatever.  And, they say I can post pics.  Let’s try that out:

Slade at work…

Hmmm, that’s interesting.  I think I like.  Yep, I think I like very much…

Meanwhile, some personal news and upcoming tidbits:

Kanye vs 50 – so far, just as I predicted.  I’ll actually write a post on this tonight.

I got some new wii games.  Madden 08′ is actually pretty good on the wii and alot of fun.  Pirates Of The Carribean is also interesting but it takes patience, which I somewhat lack.  Still, it’s fun to hack and burn thru something when I’m burning off steam.  I wish they had a save at any point on it but I’m quibbling.

It looks like we’re getting a Tassimo.  My wife is excited and as long as she’s happy, I’m a happy camper.

The Fall Season is about to kick off in two weeks.  For whatever reason, I’m not excited.  Not yet.  Here’s the returning shows I’m excited about:

Heroes, LOST, Boston Public, The Batman, Las Vegas, Boondocks, 24, and of course, The Wire.

That’s it.  As for new shows, the list is… interesting to say the least:

Reaper, Pushing Daisies, Bionic Woman.

Wow.  All the rest, I’ll test drive but I don’t think I’m getting invested as quick as I used to.  Dirty Sexy Money, The new Vegas show, Grey’s, Shark, even Desperate Housewives – I’m only mildly interested.  Meanwhile, I’ve got Weeds, Californication, Burn Notice (only two more eppys until the finale though) and the most important thing:


Baseball is coming to the end run and the Big Dance, Football has kicked in….  I’m a happy boy.  But new shows?  Tell me guys, what are you looking forward to, esp. the new stuff.  Maybe I can drum up some excitement but right now, everything seems so… blah. 

New post later tonight – Kanye vs 50.  Get your weight up.


~ by sladewilson on September 12, 2007.

4 Responses to “WJP #004 – Things Have Changed…”

  1. Neat new digs, and vids. I am not sure what to think of 50 and Kanye’s beef, I am not even sure what it is over, and it seems like the most unlikely beef. But eh looking forward to hearing more from ya on that.

  2. Yea, about the fall season, not to enthralled about it yet. Lost doesn’t start until February, I think the producers are making an error here stringing it out three more years. Heroes, after the season finale, have to rebuild up to the new season, and the Vikings won the opener, Adrian Peterson looks like the real deal.

  3. Actually Kanye and Fiddy don’t have any beef. It’s just they released CD’s on the same day and Curtis, God Bless Him, made a competition out of it (this equals even more sales for both – but it really helps Kanye)…

    I’m actually happy that Curtis went there. Kanye made one helluva CD.

    BTW – I forgot to add one show I’m looking forward to: Ugly Betty.

  4. I am still around. And it looks like EFX2 is getting back up 🙂

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