WJP #005 – Battle Royale

Kanye West - Graduation   vs.  50 Cent - Curtis

Kanye vs Curtis.  Clash of the Titans is what BET called it.   The Boss himself, Bruce Springsteen, and country music mega star, Kenny Chesney, both released CD’s on 9/11.  Alicia Keys released her new single, “No One”, while The Roots very unceremoniously dropped their new single, “Marathon Man”.  So, was it really Clash Of The Titans?

 Well, yes and no.

Early sales state Kanye is pushing numbers he’s never seen before.  The Louis Vitton Don is leading all comers at least with 2-1 sales.  But, it seems that Bruce and Kenny besides Kanye are giving Fiddy a run.  Oh, and did I tell you that Boo-Boo a.k.a Mr. Jackson stated that if Kanye actually out sells him, he would retire from making solo CDs?

It ain’t lookin’ good, 50.  Not lookin’ good at all.

For those that want it – here are the tracklists:

Kanye West – Graduation (Deluxe Edition):
1. Good Morning
2. Champion
3. Stronger
4. I Wonder
5. Good Life featuring T-Pain
6. Can’t Tell Me Nothing
7. Barry Bonds featuring Lil’ Wayne
8. Drunk And Hot Girls featuring Mos Def
9. Flashing Lights featuring Dwele
10. Everything I Am
11. The Glory
12. Homecoming featuring Chris Martin from Coldplay
13. Big Brother
14. Bittersweet Poetry featuring John Mayer
15. Good Night featuring Al Be Back & Mos Def

50 Cent – Curtis
1. Intro
2. My Gun Go Off
3. Man Down
4. I’ll Still Kill featuring Akon
5. I Get Money
6. Come & Go
7. Ayo Technology featuring Justin Timberlake & Timberland
8. Follow My Lead featuring Robin Thicke
9. Movin On Up
10. Straight To The Bank
11. Amusement Park
12. Fully Loaded Clip
13. Peep Show featuring Eminem
14. Fire featuring Nicole Scherzinger & Young Buck
15. All Of Me featuring Mary J. Blige
16. Curtis 187
17. Touch The Sky

To tell the truth, I’ve listened to both and I could give a long winded review of each but why put you thru that when you can check them out for yourself if you choose?  So, for the sake of saving some space, we’ll sum it like this…

Kanye has probably made the CD of his life, at least the best of his career.  He stepped up his game and came with a classic.  This is the best Hip-Hop CD of the year (so far) and just might be the best CD of the year.  He has two questionable tracks but repeated listens make them more than palatable.  He also has the poignant and brilliant “Big Brother” – a tribute to Jigga himself, Jay-Z.  It’s the type of track that can literally make a career.  To say it is one of the most awesome songs ever is not bragging.  It literally is a tour de force all on it’s own.  And the production for this CD is better than anything `Ye has ever done.  It’s a masterpiece, pure and simple.

Curtis on the other hand, is standard 50.  The gun clapper tracks (and yeah, 50 still brings the fire when he’s in his lane) are still good but just not enough.  And then there are some filler tracks that just make you shake your head.  “Fire” was produced by Dr. Dre in what must’ve been the one day Dre was off his game.  Plus, he added those three bricks he put out prior to release and they sound worse here.  But it’s not all bad, it’s just…. 50.  And while 50 is still a force to be reckoned with, we’ve heard it.  And it just is the same.  Nothing new.  Nothing innovative.  But, I can bet you it will rule the streets.

Plain and simple – “Graduation” is close to perfection while “Curtis” is your standard 50 Cent banger.  You choose, but I will say this:  “Graduation” is on it’s fourth play in Casa Wilson.

I’m just sayin….


~ by sladewilson on September 12, 2007.

4 Responses to “WJP #005 – Battle Royale”

  1. aah now I get it.. hmm. I haven’t heard either album, and love them both, so thats where I am at. lol

  2. Get “Graduation”. No, for real, get it. It’s brilliant.

  3. I would prolly dig Kanye’s albun, but Fiddy don’t do it for me.

  4. Steve, you would like Kanye’s CD. 50 does have a couple of tracks though…

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