WJP #007 – Linking Around Da World

I usually don’t add a post so quickly behind another but this one came on me and I had to do it.  I didn’t want to add these links to the blogroll, but I did want you to have them.  Blogroll I’m trying to keep as a portal to our nomadic friends and personal blogs.

These are sites I frequent.  Because I like them, I’m sharing them with you guys.  Oh yeah, this is all Heidi’s fault….

Why, Slade?  How is Heidi involved in this?  Well, I’ll tell ya…

When I was a blog youngin’, I happened to venture upon an intriguing little blog called “Heidiland”.  Within that blog, this amazing woman who spoke somewhat strangely, but I liked it, informed everyone of a little site called “The Superficial”.  Because she haunted me, I followed and fell in massive like with the site.  Which proved two things to me:

Heidi knows her shit & I like sites that talk shit.

Who knew?

With that said, here we go:

 Entertainment and Gossip Sites:

Crunk + Disorderly:  Fresh kills me.  No, really.  I have to read this first thing in the morning and before I go to bed.  I laugh my monkey ass off.  The nicknames alone… “Spicy Creole”, “Slickback Ivanhoe”, “Dirt Angel”…  Read and find out who these people are and marvel in the zestiness of it all.

Sandra Rose Blog:  Super informative, she gets the heat on the regular.  If you want what’s happening, Sandra Rose’s blog is definitely up to the minute. 

Concrete Loop:  Quite possibly the most famous of the urban blog/entertainment/gossip sites.  You want it, it’s there.  As a matter of fact, sometimes it can be too busy.  Have some time on your hands when you check it out.  Concrete Loop is information central.

Babes, Bling & Booze:  Personally, I like this blog.  It looks good, it’s has info and the pics are on point.

The Superficial:  As mentioned above, we have Heidi of the Land to thank for this little gem.  Super funny, it brings the info and trust me, you will be reaching for the tissue to wipe the tears out of your eyes from laughing so hard.

Here are some others to check out plus some usual suspects:

Toya’s World
E Online

TV Guide

Hip-Hop Blogs & Sites:

Nah Right:  One of the main hip-hop blogs out there.  You want up to the minute hotness?  Here’s the place to be, plus check out the sidebar – every conceivable blog and site that has anything to do with hip-hop is there.  My only complaint is the links need to be updated more frequently.

The Rap Up:  Rizoh brings the heat and now that he’s got the re-constituted Rawkus backing him up, the website has been upgraded.  The man not only brings heat, he has integrity.  Why do I say that?  He was the first to take up the Jena 6 cause and call the rap community on their shit.

Miss Info’s Blog:  If you don’t know who Miss Info is, then you probably ain’t into hip-hop anyway and you’ve skipped over this segment.  Nuff said.

Allhiphop.com:  Has probably replaced SOHH as the number one hip-hop site out there right now.  Plus the site has been through a major upgrade.  The rumors section alone is worth the trip.  ILLSEED!!

S.O.H.H.:  The big daddy.  If it has anything to do with hip-hop it will end up here.

Note:  I’m not including MySpace pages or artist’s blogs – do a fucking google search.  And here’s a tip – you want websites galore?  Go pick up the new Vibe magazine with Chris Brown on the cover and they have 30 hot sites listed.  Have a party.

I would give a list of comic book sites but that’s coming with my comic book post which will hit probably some time next week.

Okay, I gave y’all things to play with.  Have a blast and let me know if you liked, disliked, and any sites you like. 

Go forth and click to your heart’s content.


~ by sladewilson on September 14, 2007.

One Response to “WJP #007 – Linking Around Da World”

  1. If you like The Superficial, you’ll also like What “Would Tyler Durden Do”? It’s by one of the original writers of the Superficial. Enjoy!


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