WJP #008 – Graduation Rules

First and foremost, “Graduation” basically laid the smack down on “Curtis”, like that was in doubt.  To tell the truth, it wasn’t even a contest.  The Mets still can’t beat the freakin’ Phillies – what the fuck?  Somebody needs to call a Comin’ To Jesus meeting and quick!  Da ‘Boys whipped on dat Mi-A-Mi ass and T.O. started filming with the football!  Doh!  Bellechek musta shit a brick when he saw that one.  Gettin’ dissed by T.O. is the worst….

I saw some of the Emmys and was pleasantly surprised it wasn’t the “Sopranos” show.  Still, it was weak.  Can’t wait until the season kicks in.  Monday, Prison Break and K-Ville hit and I’m ready.  Still watching the VMA’s and checking out the curves on Meagan Fox…  That’s about the only reason I haven’t erased the Pre-Show yet.  I’m a simple guy. 

OJ got arrested for tryin to jack somebody’s room?  Okay, I know he’s public enemy #157 but still – now it’s just petty. That’s all I gots to say on that.  Oh, wait – one more thing:  he’s still an idiot and I just wish he would just disappear.  Meanwhile, I’ve been finding that comics are back in my life with a bang!  World War Hulk, Sinestro Corps War, Secret Invasion, Invaders vs Avengers, Final Crisis…  I’m a happy boy.

Now, I’m just waiting for Keyshia Cole’s new cd to drop.  I already pre-ordered it.  Hopefully she kicks out a sex song on this one.  Oh, I think I might like that new show, “Journeyman”.  That looks like it might be fun.  Some interesting casting for some of the returning shows also…

Oh yeah – Anyone see that “Iron Man” trailer?  You haven’t?  You need to see that – summer movie of the year unless “The Dark Knight” comes out at the same time.  Anyway, I’m going to have the “Good Life” as Kanye says and check out some more old school Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock joints on YouTube.  Later, y’all…


~ by sladewilson on September 16, 2007.

5 Responses to “WJP #008 – Graduation Rules”

  1. Gotta tell ya bro that Iron Man was the top comic book for me aged 10 to 12, I loved it, by far the best of them all, so I’m absolutely over the moon on that one.

  2. Missed the emmy’s. Watched the Patriots spank the Chargers instead. Meagan Fox is a hottie for sure. OJ, heard he is now facing 7 felony counts, could see jail time. Where’s the dream team?

  3. Yeah, it’s rare I have to eat my words but it seems OJ is even dumber than I thought he could have. And believe me, that’s a helluva stretch, because I had him listed under one step above retarded.

    The movie will be sick, Jer. Trust me. It has a killer cast and the trailer is kick-ass, as it should be. It’s freakin’ Iron Man.

  4. Emmy’s was a yawn, I couldn’t even bear to watch all of it.
    Loved last night’s Prison Break, they hit the new season with a bang. I hope they can keep it up. Can’t wait for the fall lineup!!
    It’s time for OJ to get OJ’d.
    Was that mean?
    oh well.

  5. It’s weird but it worked how almost everyone is together again. The relationships have changed though, and who would’ve thought that Michael was so tough? I knew he had inner strength but I had no idea he could kick ass like that.

    I like they bought Robert Wisdom in – when he was on The Wire he was the man. I’m also liking the whole Jodi Lyn O’Keefe deal. And just wait – I have a feeling Sarah is in more trouble than she bargained for…

    BTW – K-Ville was pretty decent too. They’re repeating it tonight, so if you didn’t check it out, by all means… Anthony Anderson is the man – that’s all I’m sayin…

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