WJP #011 – Live & In Living Color

First off, EFX2 Blogs has returned and despite all, that’s home.  So, that’s where I’ll be for the majority of the time but I like wordpress.  So, this blog will probably be on a different personal level than The War Journal itself.  It will be more opinionated, more giving praise to other blogs such as Crunk + Disorderly (Sup, Fresh…), Sandra Rose, Nah Right, Miss Info, etc.  So, please click the link if you want to know what I’m talking about sometimes.

Now, saw the new Alicia Keys video and let’s just get this out the way.  I’m an Alicia Keys mark, pure and simple.  I mean, she would have to fuck up HUGE for me to ever not be a fan.  I just like the way she carries herself – she just drips of “real”.  And she picks and chooses her causes and her advertisements well.  She has one helluva management team.  Plus, the combination of her and Krucial and the formation of Krucial Keys is a good thing for if and when she wants to leave all the bullshit that comes with being in the limelight entails.  With that said, “No One” – the video, left me feeling… not much.

 It’s innovative, yes.  But it’s also very… umm.. “hollyhood”.  The only time I realized I was really watching an Alicia Keys video was the end when she actually seemed passionate about the music.  The rest seemed like acting.  That’s just not Alicia.  Even in her most storyline driven vids, such as “You Don’t Know My Name” and “If I Ain’t Got You”, she doesn’t seem like she’s acting.  It seems natural.  This didn’t seem natural and let’s be honest – leave that to Bee, Mya, Gwen, etc., they make it work better.  For Alicia, I just expected more.  That may not be fair, but it’s honest.  Still, I do like the song, just blah about the video.

Meanwhile, Jigga’s back.  The L.I.F.E. Files has the 411 about Jay choppin’ it up with DJ Clue complete with YouTube clip.  Click the link, dumb ass.

As you all well know, I’m a Mets fan and I’m in distress about this season.  It’s been up and down all year and I’m torn about how this is all going down the final stretch.  Now, granted – the boys can click like nobody’s business and tear a major asshole in the playoffs but I’m not feeling it’s their year.  Especially if they play the Yankees and the absolute last thing I want is another Subway Series blow out.  Now, if they start clicking, forget about it – they’ll own the Yanks.  They match them in lineup and skill and beat them in speed.  Pitching is another story.  Both teams pitching is so up and down, there’s no way to properly gage who’s got the upper hand.  One minute the Yanks are clicking and the next the Mets are shutting folks down left and right.  I’m not going to be in the best of moods for the next couple of weeks.  Trust me, I can be a testy son of a bitch.

Saw a couple of vids – Rihanna’s “Hate That I Love You” with Ne-Yo.  Nice sound, like the vid and song.  It’s cute but come on, it’s been done before.  Like Nicole’s new “Baby Love” vid with Will. I. Am but while I like the song, the vid left me cold.  Also saw that Lil’ Wayne and Juelz Santana parody…  Make of it what you will…

Is anyone looking forward to all the death-related new show like I am?  “Reaper” and “Pushing Daisies” especially?  I just want to laugh at some morbid shit and since my life is so fucking complicated, it will be nice to see something funny about such an unfunny subject.

Okay, that’s it for me.  Check out the vids on the left and whatever.  I’m out….


~ by sladewilson on September 25, 2007.

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