WJP #014 – Privacy Matters

Okay, I’m in da house.  Finally something to write about at the new/old homestead.  What is that,  Slade?


Pop Fiction

I’m a firm believer that if you put yourself out there, you lose some of the privacy rights non-famous people have.  Unless you have become famous due to scandal that you hooked up with the wrong person or some shit like that, you lose some of your rights.  Why?  Because you put yourself in my face, that’s why.  Let’s put it this way – you want some of my hard earned, hard to come by money?  Then you need to put up with me wanting to know about you.  Call us supporters, fans, whatever  – you out there on front street?  Fucking deal with it and stop crying.  Or retire.  Whatever.


Still, you have the right to fuck with us back when it gets to be a little too much.  All up in your kitchen – come on – everybody deserves some privacy.  Cut these people some slack.  Cameras all up their ass, it’s ridiculous.  And here’s the kicker – I don’t blame the paparazzi so much as I blame the mag rags.  If they didn’t pay these insane amounts for that ONE SHOT, then these people would find other things to do and maybe, just maybe learn to hone their craft and not be Stalkers-R-Us.


Which is why I love the new E! Show – Pop Fiction.


They took the power and put it in their hands.  Now, you don’t know what’s real and what’s not.  You reading about Paris and the guru and guess what?  HOAX!!!  We gotcha!  Suckas….  And we, the public, deserved it.  Yes, we did.   We deserved it and we deserve more.  Now maybe we can get back to real reporting.  Real news.  Not who’s sleeping with who, who’s partying with who, who was spotted where wearing what.  Who cares?  Let me know if Jay-Z and Nas are in the studio cutting tracks.  Let me know if Brad Pitt is doing a new movie and he hurt himself doing a stunt.  Okay, that I can deal with.  What dress Beyonce is wearing at a party?  Fuck if I care, the woman is fine – she can wear a potato sack and it will look good.  But can Beyonce pull off portraying Etta James in a movie?  That I’m interested in.


You want people all up in your business?  Fine.  Just don’t get upset because I don’t care.  You do you, and I’ll do me.


And release a proper CD, will ya?  All these skits are getting on my nerves….


~ by sladewilson on April 5, 2008.

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