WJP #015 – There’s No Place Like Home

I knew I would have to comment on the Lost finale that aired tonight.  It was probably the most complete season finale I’ve ever seen.  Balls to the walls intrique.  Questions answered and more asked.  You know who was the unsung hero for all of this and I know some will question what I’m about to say, but I’ll explain.


Jack Shepherd.


First off, let me comment Damon and Carlton for a job well done.   We now know that the end of season three was “real time” (such as it is…) and it picked up right where it left off.  Literally.  Can I say finally – fuck Kate.  I was literally screaming at the tv – “Bitch, you must be crazy for real.  You basically stole a child, and the person that the child is actually a blood relative to, you have the nerve to slap him and say to him, “Don’t say his name!” all because he got out of there because he couldn’t take it?  No, we find out later that Kate is close to Hurley as being crazy – she seeing dead people.  And they’re leaving messages.

Jack has learned that keeping your word sometimes isn’t the right thing to do.  You can be too damn stubborn.  Poor Jack.  Strung out on meds, having people come visit him from the island telling him some bad shit done happened when he left and it’s all his fault. 

Then, to top it off – Ben shows up.  And makes his life harder.

Here’s the one question I’m looking forward to – how they gonna get Kate and Aaron on whatever to get back to the island?  I mean, Sayid is working for Ben and he got Hurley so there goes two right there.  Jack’s already down, so there’s three.  Locke is, well – I’ll save that for later but he’s relatively easy – that’s four.  You need to worry about Sun and Kate (Aaron is a kid – and more than likely be with Kate).  Well, grab the kid and Kate will come a runin’ and I don’t think she can take Sayid, Ben and Jack.  Sun is kind of easy too, if Christian pulled off what I think he did.  Michael and Jin are safe and sound and probably back on the island.  Let Sun know Jin is alive and she’s on her way, so that’s five.  Basically they gonna have to knock Kate out and grab Aaron – that’s six and seven. 


Island, here we come.


I have a feeling  that season 5 will be Jack and Ben’s mission to get back.  Season 6 will be Jack fixing whatever happened while he was away and dealing with Kate being pissy and maybe trying to kill him.  I figure Des and Penny will be after Daddy Widmore and at the end – Jack and Jacob will save the day. 


BTW – I think Christian Shepherd is NOT Jacob.  Yeah, I know – y’all think he is, but he ain’t.  I think it’s Matthew Abaddon.  Or maybe we just ain’t seen Jacob yet.  But believe me, we gonna find that one out.


All in all – kick ass finale.  I would tell more but just watch the damn thing.


~ by sladewilson on May 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “WJP #015 – There’s No Place Like Home”

  1. Best TV I’ve seen in years.


    Season 3 was mediocre at best, but season 4? Stellar. The finale was no exception. Even though a lot of the old questions have been answered (who are the others? what is so special about the island? will desmond be united with penny?) there are new ones that are just as interesting.

    Good on Damon and Carlton for bringing it back to where it needed to be!

    Besides… I could look at Desmond all day. He’s got that beardy-accented-hawtness thing happening.

  2. Oh yeah, season 4 kicked major sempiternum (that’s “ass” in Latin…)! Pity it was so short due to the strike. Now I am waiting for new “24” season! Slade, you got any idea when it will air?

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