WJP #016 – One Wacky Season

Any regular reader of any of my blogs will attest to, I am a notorious baseball fan.  As such, there are rules to being a respected baseball fan:

 1) You must have a favorite team.  And there’s no changing, either.  There is only one exception to this rule.

2) You must have a favorite player.  If said player is more cherished than the team he plays for, if he’s traded or leaves, you may switch out favorite teams.  Don’t make a freakin’ habit of it…

3) You must attend at least two live games a year unless we’re in a recession/depression/u get the point.

4) You must watch at least half a season of your favorite team – get MLB TV on the freakin’ internet if you got to.

5) You must have a hated team and a reason to hate on them.  You can have more than one, but you have to have a legit reason.

6) You must have at least one hated player on your team and another.  Any true fan has that one guy they would throw under the bus in a hot minute.  And then there is that guy who is a certified killa for your squad.


With that said, this has been one of the most wackiest first halves of baseball in quite a while.  One, it’s a sign of the apocalypse when the state of Florida has two of the best baseball teams.  That’s just wrong on so many levels.  The Marlins and the Devil Rays are leading their divisions? 


What the fuck?


My beloved Mets are playing injured so they have a minor excuse.  And what’s up with all the trolls calling for Willie’s head?  Hey!!  Stop that!!  That ain’t cool.  The manager uses what he got.  Willie’s a great manager.  Leave the man be.  Little pissants – I hate NY fans – most of them are fucking losers.  They actually believe they’re suppossed to win every single game.  It don’t work that way, kids.


And then there’s Atlanta.


Chipper – you’re an awesome player which is why I hate your freakin’ guts.  I mean, I truly despise every step you take and I will dance the dance of gypsies the day you retire.  But, I will give you your props – you can hit like a beast.

I know some Mets fans hate Philly (I do, too but they’re a distant second), some old timers hate the Cubs (we had some wars with them, didn’t we back in the day?), and some hate the Cards (my wife despises the Cards.  I mean she’s not past blowing up the city just to get Puljols in the crossfire…).  Me?  I hate the Braves.  Oh yeah, the Braves and that damn chop and fucking chant. 


But things are looking up for my beloved Mets – Church should be back soon, as should Pagan and Pedro is pitching Tuesday.  Reyes is getting on base and starting to heat up.  Beltran is finally awake.  Even Delgado has started to hit better.


Junior going for #600.  Manny just got his #500 (Congrats Manny!!!), The Yanks in fourth, and last but certainly not least, the Cubs have the best record in baseball. 


The freakin’ Cubs.


Between that and Florida – it’s the strangest season we’ve seen in a while.


~ by sladewilson on June 1, 2008.

2 Responses to “WJP #016 – One Wacky Season”

  1. Wow, your list for baseball works just as well for a real sport like football!! 🙂 😀 Okay, I mean soccer.
    Except for the changing teams exception. I think you cannot change your team, but you can grow some extra love for the new team if you like. Thus when Beckham left ManU for Madrid I grew some new love for Madrid and liked them a little bit for a little while, but I still loved my Manchester just as much as ever.

    I think you need a charter. With sub-clauses and everything 🙂

  2. Been a Reds fan for most of my life. It was a pretty easy gig in the mid-’70s, but I’m kinda getting tired of being mathematically eliminated before Tax Day. I used to watch as much baseball as I could before the last strike. It was a while before I came back. I still haven’t been to a MLB game since then, although I have been to see plenty of minor league games.

    There’s nothing better than taking the kids to the park for a ballgame. Damn…I do love this sport.

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