We Run Game – A new column….

Starting today, when you see “We Run Game” up in the title it will be about video games.  More and more I’ve returned to playing my beloved games and uppin’ my skillz.  Plus, I never really stopped, kinda slowed down but now, it’s on again.  I’ve been a game playin’ machine and with the addition of GTA IV, I’ve gone and done lost my natural mind.


What will you see here?  Reviews, news, links, etc.  Just to get it out there.  My opinion on what’s hot, what’s not, what sites are cool, what sites ain’t really doing it right, etc.  Just so you know – here’s what’s coming up:



Bourne Conspiracy

Incredible Hulk


Grand Theft Auto IV

Metal Gear Solid IV

God Of War  – Chains Of Olympus

MLB 08 – The Show


Just to name a few.  Get ready…




~ by sladewilson on June 9, 2008.

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