We Run Game – Iron-Man Review for PS3


Oh, Sega. We need to have a sit down. Seriously, as they say on that romance medical show my wife likes so much. Your PSP version of Iron Man depressed us and please believe, we were kind in that review. That was because we held out hope that the next gen version of the game would really impress us. We were dead wrong. If anything, we at Newsarama are even more depressed. And now we’re starting to worry about that Incredible Hulk game.

At the NYCC, it was stated that you wanted gamers to finish the missions, hence the lack of save points. Well, no one gave you any argument because we hadn’t played the game. There’s no way that argument would’ve survived given what we’ve seen now. If we thought the PSP version wasn’t fun, this is downright exhausting. Given the choice between pulling a double shift on a construction site and playing this game, we’d lace up the Timberlands with absolute glee. We had to pause the game just to breathe and remember, it’s just a game.

The controls are still convoluted with multiple button pressing all over and having to set up the camera and flight controls to our liking. Not to say there aren’t good points. While the cut scenes are still weak plus the voice acting sounds like the cast of Iron Man mailed it in, the game itself is pretty decent, especially the star of the show, Iron Man. And all is not lost. The power management and upgrades respect the character. Marvel made sure the comic fans are represented well as Iron Man truly is a “One Man Army”. The upgrades come easily and the Golden Avenger really seems like he can take on an entire cadre of villains. If only just one cadre was aimed at him.

And that’s the meat of our complaint about the game. Non-stop waves of villains, tanks, helicopters, turrets, etc. It never ends. You think you’ve gone thru a ton of villains and lo and behold, here comes the second wave. Then the third, fourth, fifth, it’s almost never ending. When you finally get thru all of that, you get another mission objective and it begins all over again. We’re tired just writing about it. No game should that should be an open-air smash em up frenzy should be so… labored. Which leads to our opening gripe about save points. They should’ve been scattered thru the missions. This way, once you finish say three objectives, you can at least not have to go thru that all over again if you happen to use up your four lives.

This is not to say it’s impossible to beat. But if you want to complete the hero objectives and the time bonus, you’ll make it that much harder for yourself. Plus, if you have an X-Box 360, you can gain achievement points and other cool stuff but getting that is so hard, you’ll wonder why it’s even there – to tease you? So, no it’s not impossible but why bother? It’s draining and no game should be draining. Another comic hero to movie hero to horrible video game. We hope for Iron Man II, the kinks will have been worked out.















~ by sladewilson on June 11, 2008.

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