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Here’s some tidbits from around the web…
Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe over at Gamespot.

Video interview with Project Lead Ed Boon about MK vs DC – again – Gamespot.

Going three for three:
With E308 on the horizon, Gamespot has a countdown and a list of the ten most highly anticipated games for the rest of 08.

Gamesindustrybiz reports on the rumors of a playstation phone…
IGN has their own list of the PS3 Games of Summer 2008.
More E3 News courtesy of UGO.

Mircrosoft VP John Schappert has laid claim that Windows-based PC largest platform in the world, according to gamesindustry.biz.

Probably the hottest gamers online magazine, the escapist, has a plethora of news, reviews and op-ed pieces including the rumor of Kratos joining Vader, Secret Apprentice and Yoda as a special character in SoulCalibur IV, a review of MGS4 while Zero Punctuation takes on Solid Snake, New ideas for the Halo Franchise and so much more.

E3insider teams up with GameTrailers.com to bring you “the official E3 website” with all the bells and whistles of E3 news…

More Metal Gear Goodness – the MSG4 Database is ready for download. Check out Playstation Blog for more details…

Paris GameDevelopers Conference aka Paris GDC has been dubbed “most popular European GDC to date” according to the new article over at Develop
Gameinformer mag has a Madden 09 preview while over at the online version they have trading cards of the Gaming Industry’s leading movers and shakers. First up: the Home (USA) Team


~ by sladewilson on June 25, 2008.

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