We Run Game: Faves – An Introduction

Everybody has a favorite game or favorite games.  Personally, I have one or two in different genres.  Some are obvious because the franchise is just that good and/or popular and some many will disagree with.  Here’s the skinny:  you can’t disagree with what is someone’s personal choice.  It’s all opinion and likes and dislikes.


With that said, we will have a sub topic under “We Got Game” which will be “Faves”.  Every so often, I’ll write about my faves.  So, to kick off “Faves” we’ll go for an obvious choice, a popular choice and still it’s one of my all time favorite franchises:




There have been sports games and then there is the Madden franchise.  It eclipses every other sports video game franchise.  It’s one of the few games that when you hear the name, you already know whether you’re a gamer or not.  I’ve sat in front of a television and played Madden for over 12 hours at a clip.  Game after game, every juke and block, every interception, spin move, and Hail Mary I’ve ever thrown, I remember.  Some plays even surprised me.  I had Emmitt Smith run for over 400 yards in a game.  I racked up 820 yards against the Eagles in one game.  And there is the one most important aspect of Madden that every gamer appreciates and respects:


It gets better with every outing.


The graphics get better, the AI more complex, the moves more realistic, the sounds more authentic.  Madden is simply above and beyond the best sports franchise game on the planet.  And while there are some that might challenge it occasionally, none beat it.


Madden 09 will have future hall of famer Bret Favre on the cover and it will have even better graphics, some new perks and will again assert it’s dominance in the field of sports video games.  That’s not wishful thinking, that’s a fact.


August can’t get here quick enough….



~ by sladewilson on July 1, 2008.

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