WJP #017 – Deja Vu?

EFX2 has been down for a couple of days with no relief in sight and I’m thinking….


All over again.

Despite the protests of Keith, who by the way, is MIFA (Missin In Fuckin’ Action) and has been for months. I know – you got a real job and that’s all good, but then hook somebody up with how to fix this bitch when it goes wonky. Which is why I never gave up this place or this place which is like my safe havens. I knew when I made the decision to get real with this whole video game blogging deal that I would devote it here and so the personal stuff for the most part will be over at Slade’s Place. But seriously? What the fuck?

Anyway – I’ll keep doing the Universe series over at Slade’s Place. As for here – y’all catch the new linkage? For those who don’t know – I’m a music fiend and right now my favorite blogs and music sites to visit happen to be New Music Cartel affilliated or GFC afflilliated. I’ll put up some GFC links tomorrow, but check those NMC sites – off da chain.

As for everything else, the Metal Gear review is still going to go up, I just have to find time to write it but you already know tha deal – it’s a beast. If MGS is your thang or anything like MGS, than I suggest you stop reading this and pick up your controller and get back to it. Now I have to finish it soon because SoulCalibur is coming and after that Quantum of Solace and I’m a sucka for a good Bond game. Plus I’m going to be fucking people up on SC – PS3 got Vader!!! It’s over, bitches.

Street Fighter is coming and so is Afro Samurai.

My wife is going to kick me out the house, I just know it. I’m going in when all of that hits.

And let’s not forget Madden.

The link to the MySpace is over there – hit me up on that for any info. I’ll add the link to the Facebook later also. I got a lot of links to add.

Okay, personal time is over – back to the grind.

Sayonara, bitches


~ by sladewilson on July 8, 2008.

6 Responses to “WJP #017 – Deja Vu?”

  1. Yup we’re all still around but somewhat scattered. Loads are at Vox and others all around – sad but inevitable with the free sites though Vox seems completely stable. Keep well x

  2. Seriously, I saw this coming two years back. His code was sloppy, he was leeching on someone else’s server, and was an arrogant son-of-a-bitch.

    Stick with the main blog services out there, Blogger and WordPress.

    And look, I can comment on your blogs now.

  3. No worries, dude, we have you bookmarked! I’m at bitzky.blogspot.com and will check up on you here and at the other place 🙂

  4. Yeah, I think the EFX has had the big death burp. I’m not surprised. Can we start calling Keith by his new name…Gorman?

  5. My sentiments exactly. Don’t sit there and brow beat everyone who keeps bringing up Modblog and telling them, well this ain’t Modblog, it won’t happen here. Even when we all stated the similarities, Keith was basically indignant to the point where he had his cronies run Cynter and Pat outta there plus some others.

    Then he pulla the Houdini routine and the place goes to shit. We all knew that Martin was the money guy and that was it. Without a proper programmer, he could give less than a shit. It’s sad really – EFX had even more promise than Modblog did.

    Egotistical bastards, the lot of them….

  6. I’m glad I set up shop at blogger when I did. I’ve got three going over there, and am happy with it all. 🙂

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