Remote Hoppin’ – Dr. Horrible is coming…

Actually this is exactly the type of post I would expect to see my good friend Steve Fritz at Newsarama to post or one of my other buds over there (sup Vaneta, JK, Troy, and of course the Almighty Matt B.) to maybe comment on but since I’ve seen nothing here goes… (by the way, do you like my surreptitious shout-outs? You know you do…)

Joss Whedon is da freakin’ man.

Once upon a time, the scribes of the land of Television decided they had to strike to get their just rewards. The land was laid bare. Because of this, a lone knight by the name of Sir Joss Whedon rode far and wide and gathered a few warriors to bring entertainment to a barren world. They would use a new technology called INTERNET and bring forth a musical about superheroes and supervillains.

This brave new project would be called….

Dr. Horrible.

Okay, I’ve played enough and it’s late. Real talk and to keep it quick – Joss got P.Oed about the writer’s strike and gathered some friends and has this three part cool ass internet only (well kind of) mini movie called Dr. Horrible. Just click on the link and you’ll see what I’m talking about. It’s already getting some cool write-ups and the TV Diva herself, the lovely Kristin Dos Santos for “Watch With Kristin!” at E! Online has given it the oh-so proverbial thumbs up. I checked the trailer and needless to say, I ain’t missin’ this.

This might be the funniest thing this side of Imaginary Bitches….

Oh wait. You don’t know about Imaginary Bitches either? You know what to do – click the freakin’ link, kid….

Better still, check this out…

Eden Rigel is hilarious…

Okay, you’ve been blessed – I’m out.


~ by sladewilson on July 14, 2008.

6 Responses to “Remote Hoppin’ – Dr. Horrible is coming…”

  1. Eden may be cute as hell….but hello????
    ever heard of Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends?
    Bloo and Mac reign supreme….

  2. Her imaginary friend is hot….. 🙂

  3. *LOL*
    She should have named her friends “Erica” and “Viki”…*

  4. Foster’s. You’re comparing Imaginary Bitches to Foster’s. You have issues that I won’t even begin to imagine how much you need help.

    Which one, Pat?

    She would’ve used those names but they’re taken…lol…

  5. The one with the big tits of course….

  6. are you tryin’ to dis Foster’s?
    at least we can SEE Bloo!!!

    uh… it September yet?

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