Reel To Reel: A Preview of Quantum of Solace

Production has begun for the 22nd James Bond movie, “Quantum Of Solace”. The press release reads as follows:

“Quantum of Solace continues the high-octane adventures of James Bond (DANIEL CRAIG) in Casino Royale. Betrayed by Vesper, the woman he loved, 007 fights the urge to make his latest mission personal. Pursuing his determination to uncover the truth, Bond and M (JUDI DENCH) interrogate Mr. White (JESPER CHRISTENSEN) who reveals the organization, which blackmailed Vesper, is far more complex and dangerous than anyone had imagined. Forensic intelligence links a Mi6 traitor to a bank account in Haiti where a case of mistaken identity introduces Bond to the beautiful but feisty Camille (OLGA KURYLENKO), a woman who has her own vendetta. Camille leads Bond straight to Dominic Greene (MATHIEU AMALRIC), a ruthless businessman and major force within the mysterious organization. On a mission that leads him to Austria, Italy and South America, Bond discovers that Greene, conspiring to take total control of one of the world’s most important natural resources, is forging a deal with the exiled General Medrano (JOAQUIN COSIO). Using his associates in the organization, and manipulating his powerful contacts within the CIA and the British government, Greene promises to overthrow the existing regime in a Latin American country, giving the General control of the country in exchange for a seemingly barren piece of land. In a minefield of treachery, murder and deceit, Bond allies with old friends in a battle to uncover the truth. As he gets closer to finding the man responsible for the betrayal of Vesper, 007 must keep one step ahead of the CIA, the terrorists and even M, to unravel Greene’s sinister plan and stop his organization.”

The director is Marc Forster. The screenplay is by Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and Paul Haggis and Mr. Wade did the adaptation. The producers are Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli.

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The title has been a discussion point as of late. The title’s origin comes from “For Your Eyes Only” the eighth book by Ian Fleming published for the 007 series. It is not a self-contained novel, but rather a collection of five short stories-two of which are kind of shoehorned in and aren’t really typical Bond pieces. Two other movies have derived their titles from this collection, “For Your Eyes Only” and “From A View To A Kill” which became “A View To A Kill” in the movies. The source story “Quantum of Solace” from which the film obtains its title is not actually considered a spy espionage story though there is mention of a mission, the story is an anecdote told to James Bond at a dinner party. This is therefore the first EON Productions James Bond movie to utilize a non-spy story as a source for a Bond movie.

“Quantum Of Solace” will be the first James Bond movie to take its title from an original Ian Fleming short story since “The Living Daylights” (1987), a gap of twenty-one years.
The meaning of the film’s title is a small degree of comfort that can exist between two people emotionally in a relationship. According to Ben Macintyre of Times Online, the Governor character in the Ian Fleming short story of the same name defines it as “… a precise figure defining the comfort, humanity and fellow feeling required between two people for love to survive. If the quantum of solace is nil, then love is dead.”

The title “Quantum of Solace” has two connections with the movie. First, “Quantum” is the name of the secret criminal terrorist organization first introduced anonymously in “Casino Royale” (2006). As such, QUANTUM replaced SMERSH, the latter of which was featured in the original “Casino Royale” novel and in “Casino Royale” (1967). Second, “Quantum of Solace” is the condition of James Bond’s emotional state, a title derived from one of the short stories in the “For Your Eyes Only” collection as described above. It has been rumored that this is the emotional state of Bond’s to his dearly departed love, Vesper.

It has been verified that it is a direct sequel – producer Michael G Wilson has stated the movie (from it’s beginning) takes place exactly one hour after the end of “Casino Royale”. He has also stated the traditional gun barrel sequence including the gun barrel walk will, more than likely, return for this movie. It was omitted from “Casino Royale”, which was the only film in the series to do so.

It has also been reported that James Bond and the leading Bond Girl (Camille, played by Olga Kurylenko) will not share even one single kiss in this movie making it the first ever James Bond film to do so. The crew felt that since it was direct sequel to “Casino Royale”, it would trivialize Bond’s love for Vesper to have him in an emotional relationship so soon after her death. Bond is still mourning Vesper’s death, which is a major plot device for the movie, and plays to the title.

The recent news concerning “Quantum Of Solace” has to do with who is performing the title song. Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson was reported to be recording it, then Ronson released a statement saying he axed the 007 collaboration because Winehouse was not “ready to work” after returning to her erratic ways. Since then, rumors have circulated that the Pet Shop Boys were rumored to have been courting Winehouse for a collaboration, an allegation they have since categorically denied. However, on May 24 Winehouse confirmed that she has, in fact, completed the song, though she is not sure whether movie bosses will give their consent to use the track in the latest superspy offering.

Adding to rumors, news that none other than Beyonce Knowles is reportedly being roped in to replace Amy Winehouse to record the theme song for the forthcoming Bond movie. Industry insiders have claimed that Knowles had become the favorite to record the title track, reports Contactmusic. However, the newly married singer’s representatives have yet to comment on the rumors. Other musicians have been linked to the movie and title song such as Duran Duran, Annie Lennox and just recently, the person who seems to have the inside track to write and perform the song, multi-grammy winner Alicia Keys.

Finally at E3, Activision has released a trailer for the Quantum of Solace video game which will be voiced by the movie actors. The Bond franchise has fared better than most movie-based games and this one looks no different. A first and third person shooter, it will incorporate both scenes from “Casino Royale” and “Quantum of Solace” with an added bonus. A scene from “Quantum of Solace” that ended up on the cutting room floor will be used in the video game enhancing the plot and giving fans an Easter egg to the movie.

“Quantum Of Solace” has a scheduled release date of November 7th, 2008.


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  1. Hey, thanks for the preview… I’m lookin’ forward to it!

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