Comic Rack: 100 Miles and Runnin’

Yep, another column. I was going to go with old reliable (shout out to all that remember Superhero Hype) but this is a new day. And this week leading up to the big kahuna aka San Diego Comic-Con (which I would not be caught dead at – too many wannabees) it’s been a gang of comic based fun.

First off and of course the ultimate… The Dark Knight premieres. I wanna see it in IMAX glory but I might have to wait on that. For now, me and wifey might catch it early Saturday.

But there is other goodness:

BET has announced the Black Panther animated series and will preview it at SDCC.

But the really cool news?

The Watchman trailer is available to view at Apple.

Yes, I’ve seen it.

Yes, it’s going to knock you out. Just like Ladies Love Cool J.

Oh yeah, Uncanny X-Men #500 comes out on Wednesday. No biggie…lol.

Meanwhile, totally unrelated but It’s my blog – The NY Mets won their tenth in a row in comeback victory against the Reds. BTW – We’re tied for 1st place, bitches.

As for the future of Comic Rack? Expect the usual (reviews, previews and comic-related news) and comic covers. Okay, this was fun but now – good night, John-Boy…


~ by sladewilson on July 18, 2008.

3 Responses to “Comic Rack: 100 Miles and Runnin’”

  1. Never heard about Watchmen before but the trailer is mind-blowing indeed!

  2. Wait. Wait one minute.

    Luke, are you telling me you’ve never heard of The Watchmen before this? You’ve never read the single greatest mini-series ever? Heck, compiled as the single greatest graphic novel and it changed comics.

    Luke. Run out and get it now. Order it, borrow it, whatever you have to do – just do it…

    And do it prior to viewing the movie. Because you will want to shoot yourself if you see this movie first and then read this absolute masterpiece. As cool as that trailer looks, there is no way they can bring the epic that is “The Watchmen” to the screen. The story is built in such a way that only a comic could bring it right. That’s not to say the movie won’t be spectacular. So far, it looks like it will be awesome. But there will be edits. There will be stuff they have to cut out. And I’m telling you, just in sheer enormity, to make a movie true to the complete story, it would have to be about six hours long if not longer. So, yeah the movie looks (so far) like it will rock and fans will accept most cuts unless they are the most henious of edits, but no way will it equate to the novel. Not even close.

    Dude, get it NOW!!!

  3. o.O

    Alright! I think I know a place that will have it. No, not only have I never read it. I never even heard the title before. Will do!

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