We Got Game – Marvel Ultimate Alliance II and Wanted previews

It’s sequel time in the Marvel video game universe. Marvel Ultimate Alliance II – Fusion is the sequel game to the hit, Marvel Ultimate Alliance. First off, there are some changes. Raven is not the head developer for this one, it is Vicarious Vision, but both are under Activision. But, MUA fans don’t fret, Raven and Vicarious Vision basically have been working together for a while now and Vicarious Vision was very integral to the MUA. Basically, the transition was smoother than Sinatra crooning a ballad.

The biggest complaint about MUA was the plot. Lame doesn’t really cover it, so Vicarious Vision went to the Marvel vaults and pulled out Secret War. From there, it seques into an edited version of Civil War. Another key element was the using a distinctive Marvel artist and the person tagged was none other than Steve McNiven. Okay, so plot and graphics are covered. But what about that key element that made MUA so much fun? What about gameplay?

Gameplay has been mega amped. Let’s admit it, some MUA characters were pretty lame to use in the game on a consistent basis but that has changed dramatically. Characters such as the Fantastic Four, who were awesome as a unit, individually just didn’t measure up. With MUAII it’s a different story. Mr. Fantastic now stretches like he should. The Human Torch has many different ways to burn you and now has the speed he should have. Invisible Woman has more control over her force fields including force bubbles. There will be at least 20 playable characters in the game and also interfacing for hardcore gamers has been drastically increased so you can now truly tool around with characters with upgrades and changes. Why is this so important? Because of the biggest change and hence the last name in the title – Fusion.

With the new fusion system, every character can combine his or her powers with another character to provide an exceptional team- up attack or defense. Since we’re talking over 20 characters, that makes for over 200 different fusion attacks. You wanted options, you got ’em. So, for example let’s take Iron Man and Invisible Woman. Sue opens up a small sphere and Tony starts to load it with energy. When the sphere reaches critical mass, the resulting explosion can take out hordes of baddies with a single burst. Imagine the possibilities.

Other upgrades include the audio engine which has been greatly modified, costumes, camera angles and detail to destruction. That last one is simply more detail in the destruction that is caused during these battles. You will now see chunks of debris flying, glass shattering, and so forth. Greatness is in the details, kids.

But wait, there’s another comic-book now movie that is making it’s entry into video game land….

wait for it…..

wait for it….


But which Wanted are we getting? The Millar comic or the Bekmambetov movie? Answer?

Neither. Both. Say what?

The developer, Grin Barcelona, under the direction of Universal Pictures Digital Platforms Group, has been quietly developing the game for some months now. And the first thing they set up was the game takes place after the Wanted movie. Because of this, some liberties have been taken and some other elements from Wanted – the comic book, have been added, most importantly Wesley’s bad ass suit. Of course, curving the bullet and Wesley’s adrenaline rush are prominent. Since the game is still in the early stages of development, expect to hear alot more. The one thing that works is that it doesn’t have the weight of the plots of neither the movie nor the comic. It will be very stand alone.

The War Journal will post further information when more becomes available on both Marvel Ultimate Alliance II – Fusion and Wanted – The Video Game.


~ by sladewilson on July 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “We Got Game – Marvel Ultimate Alliance II and Wanted previews”

  1. Please confirm Cyclops (Ultimate), but his outfit has to start as Ultimate, but make him playable please I beg you make confirm him and make him playable in Marvel Ultimate Allaince 2 please!!!!

  2. They haven’t confirmed all the players yet for MUA-Fusion but I also hope that Cyke is a playable character. I know Hulk is this time. When more info is available, I’ll let you know.

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