The Rights Of Soul – Music Blogs – Part One…

The return of the great one!!! Yeah, I could’ve revived “Superhero Junkies” but while I laid it to rest, you had to know that I would bring back the original blog in a new form, didn’t you? The Rights of Soul was my baby and it was initially all about the music, so for my music column, a blast from the past – The temple has again risen…

With a few changes…

First off, this will be two-fold. Music is primary but there will be some gossipy stuff (esp. if one of my gossip links shouts out something hilarious). And I will be commenting on various music blogs which leads to my first post. The state of music blogs out there right now.

Plainly put, there’s too damn many of them. Plus most of them post the same thing. Over and over and over. There is a crew out there that supports each other and right now is probably my number one source for breaking music and artists. They are called The New Music Cartel and they put in work.

Actually my history with the NMC goes back a ways. I’ve been following Nah Right for a while now to the point where it’s the first blog I read in the morning. It’s clean, quick and simple. I’m not a commenting type of guy so I read what I like, watch what interests me, check out the tunes and check his sidebar for any information I might want to check out. Then I would go and check out whatever but I would check Nah Right at least five times a day. Hell, I found out about Jay Electronica because of Nah Right and finally had a blog that cosigned the Roots as hard as I did.

Then I kept seeing links to this blog called 2dopeboyz. I finally go in and well, damn! More goodness! Rapidly, if Nah Right was the morning coffee then 2dopeboyz was the JW Blue on the rocks at night. Plus I had just started the War Journal II and appreciated that someone had the good taste to choose the same WP theme (ChaoticSoul) as I did.

I give Shake and Meka props – if anyone could promote their own stuff and begin a cartel with some of the more progressive hip-hop blogs out there, it was them. Plus they drop more bombs than Flex on a holiday mix weekend. There really isn’t many pure music blogs I check anymore but the NMC tops the list of those I do. Plus they have single handedly turned me on to Reks, Skyzoo, Mickey Factz (well – Nah Right introed me to Mickey but 2dopeboyz solidified it…), Young Chris, Murs, Drake and a host of others that I would have left under the radar.

Last comes in a hometown legend – the lovely Miss Info. How she gets her information I don’t know and frankly, I don’t care. She’s earned her cred the right way – puttin’ in work. Nowadays everybody thinks they should be in the mix without pounding the pavement, going to shows, livin’ da life. Kids, I tell ya…lol. Teaming up with NMC member, OnSmash, the whole “throwback thursdays” mix tape deal is a winner. Personally, I’m hoping someone has the good sense to remaster Mister Cee’s legendary “The Best of Biggie Smalls” mixtape. That’s still the definitive Biggie tape. I wore that bastard out…

So, there you have it. If you ever wanted to know where I frequent, check the links on the side and definitely check out the NMC and Miss Info.

You’ll be glad you did…

BTW – Next up later this week? Two reviews – Nas and something truly special… Eric Darius’ new joint, “Goin’ All Out”. I’m usually a Miles, Trane, Cannonball, you get the picture type of guy but sometimes you need some really good smooth jazz to chill to.

I’m out but the bar is open…


~ by sladewilson on July 24, 2008.

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