Comic Rack – Newsarama wins the Eisner and other SDCC Goodness

The Almighty Matt B and his cronies (hey Vaneta, Steve, JK, Troy, and the rest) over at Newsarama won the Will Eisner Award for Best Comics-Related Periodical/Journalism and it’s well deserved.

Newsarama is hands down the “go-to” website for all info on comics.

I would post up some SDCC news but instead I’ll link some stuff over at Newsarama and you can read it all for yourself:

Marvel Ultimate Universe Panel

DCU: A Guide to Your Universe Panel

Mondo Marvel Panel

And the most important comic news to hit the wire in years:
Milestone is Back, and in the DCU

I’ll comment later on how important Milestone is and why but for now, just know that the most awesome super-hero group is coming to the DCU – BLOOD SYNDICATE!!!!

Okay, back to the Mets game and then food shopping – brother gotta eat, right?


~ by sladewilson on July 27, 2008.

One Response to “Comic Rack – Newsarama wins the Eisner and other SDCC Goodness”

  1. Well now I will never have a chance to catch up on the Ultimate universe 😦

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