The Rights Of Soul: Welcome to the rap game…

Nas said a couple of years ago “Hip-Hop Was Dead” and garnered the desired effect:

He got his peers off their collective asses and back on their grind. Thru it all, we have the dance craze and ringtone rappers take center stage but as all things, rap is cyclical. The New School is coming and 2008-2009 might end up being as important in Hip-Hop history as 1986 and 1997 as banner years and a growing resurgence in the art.

Established artists have upped their game not only on the mic but behind the boards. Witness the growth of David Banner, who has become as much a sought after rapper as he is a producer. Do I even need to mention Weezy, who has literally put a battery on his back and charged the game with so much energy, it’s hard to deny his claim as one of the hardest working rappers in the game today. Kanye West might be at this minute the best in the game but lets us not forget his producer cred and the fact that he bought one of the most prolific rappers in the business out of the dark and into the light with Common. State Property is looking to make it’s mark again and while the Dipset looks to be disintergrating before our very eyes, Jim Jones and his new crew is still on it’s grind.

What is so great that history is repeating itself with established acts looking for new blood to bring the music to a new era. And, of all people, much of it is due to Mr. Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent. It was 50 who publically sent out the call for new blood for his new albums. Jay-Z released an accapella for “The Black Album” and mash-ups came at a fast and furious pace, as they did with “American Gangster”. Diddy re-constituted The Hitmen and Timberland seems to have found the love to get behind the boards and do his thang. With all that, Dr. Dre has announced he will probably be releasing his much anticipated “Detox” this year. All of them are bringing new blood to the game such as Bishop Lamont, Corey Gunz, Charles Hamilton, M.I.A. and much more.

Then there is “A Milli”.

Lil’ Wayne’s “A Milli” is a certified monster. Everybody, and I do mean everybody, jumped on this beat. Along with “Lollipop” , this one song has charged the game more than anything in recent years and all of that is due to it’s producer, Bangladesh. Now, Mickey Factz has bought that buzz to the underground scene with his “Incredible Campaign” featuring freestyles on his “Incredible” beat with such acts as Skyzoo, XV, Torae, Izza Kizza, Harlem’s Cash, 6th Sense, BK Graph, and many others.

I hear you saying…. who?

And this is why I love hip-hop. True headz, they know. Especially in this Internet era, they know because it’s out there. Between MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, bloggers, and all the rest, the word is out there. Real MCs doing what they do, tearing up mics and shit. Fuck a major, they’ll release their stuff on the web. And when the majors come calling, they set the tone. You want me? Let’s get this bidding war started!!! As long as someone is picking up a mic and saying something worthwhile with some skill, then life is being breathed into the genre. Either you live this or you don’t. Or to put it O.G. old school – shit or get off the fuckin’ pot. You ain’t down with this? Take your dead ass home and listen to some old WABC-AM hits or some shit.

This does lead to the new factions in the genre. There are those who do this who don’t even listen to hip-hop. They listen to R&B, Jazz, hell you’ll find some of your favorite rappers listening to Country. All depends on where they are and how they get down. You got beat fiends, MC beasts, ringtone rappers, radio wannabees, and hit machines. Some cross lines because of videos and some cross lines because of talent. But you can bet your ass that your favorite rapper knows more Marvin Gaye hits than you do and that’s why they don’t listen to what you got to say. You just suppossed to buy their shit. And when they’re telling you that MC Old School don’t know anything about how you get down and they should take their dead ass out the game, remember it’s all a game.

And you’ve just been played. Don’t hate the playa, yada yada yada….

Yo, Nas!!! Hip-Hop is alive and getting it’s shit together. The next wave is coming. It could’ve been worse, y’all…

We could’ve been grunge or some shit….


~ by sladewilson on August 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Rights Of Soul: Welcome to the rap game…”

  1. I’m really in awe of Timberland. That guy can turn the must mundane melody into a hit.

  2. I agree to some extent. I do enjoy reading your blog though. First time I posted, but I’m a lurker for sure!
    I would agree with the entire post except maybe the second paragraph.

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