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“Uncharted” has trophies!!! With the new Playstation update, you now have trophies for “Uncharted – Drake’s Fortune” but no rollback for trophies earned. You need to start a new game and go for it from there. Yeah, I hear you bitchin’ but what can you do? They wanted it to be “fair” (like gaming is ever fair….). The patch rolled out late last week.

Xbox 360 Arcade (the one with no hard drive) is rumored to be dropping it’s price down to $199. Adding to that, the drop would be $50 cuts to the 60GB Pro and 120GB Elite systems. Doing the math, the Pro System would now stand at $299, and the Elite at $399. Ars Technica first reported the rumor with VGChartz soon supporting the rumor.

So far, Microsoft has not yet responded to any requests for comment.

According to IGN.com, EA Sports plans on making available an alternative cover for the upcoming “Madden NFL 09” release. The cover will take the form of a free download, and will put cover-athlete Brett Favre in his new team colors. Starting August 11, EA will make the new cover available for download via http://www.easports.com, allowing Madden fiends to showcase Favre in his new Jets uniform, as opposed to the (now) Old-School Packers uni displayed on the official Madden 09 box. From there, you will be able to download, print, and insert the cover into your brand-spanking-new game starting August 12 – the official Madden 09 release date. Also, a roster update available through Xbox Live on August 11 will transfer Favre from the Packers to the Jets.

Playstation Blog has revealed they are opening up their beta testing for Home. If you download the theme or you have a Qore annual membership, you will be eligible for participation in the beta process.


~ by sladewilson on August 7, 2008.

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