The Comic Rack: DC & Marvel – What’s Going On? Part Two

Marvel, I told you I was coming for you….

“Secret Invasion” is Marvel’s big event. I have different reservations with Secret Invasion than I do with Final Crisis. Basically, I like the plot, love the outline but the execution leaves me wanting only because the main book has gone absolutely nowhere since issue one. It’s just more of the same. Where Secret Invasion has flourished has been in the satellite issues such as Mighty Avengers, New Avengers, Ms. Marvel (much more on this title later), Iron Man, etc. Even the specials have offered up some interesting ideas and plot twists, but it’s been Brian Michael Bendis’ main two Avenger books that have made Secret Invasion the better of the two events.

When Bendis said this was in the planning stages since the much debated “Avengers Dissassembled”, no one believed him. Well, anyone following these titles believe him now because in both books he has showed key moments as to how this invasion by the hated Skrulls was planned and executed. He has told much and still has some left in the tank. He’s destroyed the trust of one team while showing the holes in the other. Plus, for all the heroes that have been replaced, we still don’t know if they’re alive or dead. If they are dead, it’s one helluva a cleaning house, because these ain’t a bunch of small fries that he’s taken out. Elektra, Hank Pym, Spider-Woman, with others. What about the vaunted return of Mockingbird? Where is Reed and Sue? Is Tony truly a Skrull? So many questions, and Bendis has the answers. I just wish the main book would move more. There’s so much you could do with Fury and his new commandos but have failed so far. And yeah, that gun you had Fury pull out – wtf? Are you serious? Come on guys, a little bit of realism would be nice, okay?

In many ways, Bendis gets it but has his own way of getting there. Marvel has been a bit of very good and very bad lately. Adding Matt Fraction to the X-Men franchise is a great idea. Ed Brubaker on Captain America and Daredevil is golden. Hudlin on Black Panther has left me wanting and hurts my heart. Please Joey Q, go find Christopher Priest and beg him to return. Please. Hell, I’ll purchase two issues of every issue he does just to show support. Ennis leaving Punisher is heart breaker only because he gets Frank Castle so well. Moon Knight has been pretty good and exactly what it needs to be, twisted and violent. I’m not so crazy about this Red Hulk stuff, especially with him beating the crap out of Hulk and Thor. That’s stretching it. Really stretching it. And I don’t believe you guys can possibly come up with a reasonable explaination for it. So, let’s just trample on everything we set forth. Another Marvel staple. Anything Jason Aaron does is golden. And then, well then there is the franchise… Spider-Man.

I’ll admit I only checked out this new “Brand New Day” Spider-Man for purposes of this article and I wasn’t surprised. I was sure Peter was back to being “poor old Peter Parker” and I was right. It’s like I’m reading freakin’ Marvel Tales but with current references. No how, no way was I a fan of “One More Day” and thought it to be totally without merit. Plus to use Mephisto as the catalyst was just way out of Peter’s realm. I have no problem with the art nor the writing. I have a problem with the premise. Until or if ever Spidey gets returned to his status quo, I’m not following the web-slinger no matter how much I miss him. Besides, after reading the issues I read, it’s not “my” Spider-Man anyway.

My other gripe is with how Ms. Marvel is being treated. This book should be getting major pup from you guys. I mean major pop. This book is one of the most kick-ass books you have out there right now. And for anyone not reading Ms. Marvel, you have no idea what you’re missing. This is not some cute T&A book. It’s downright blood-thirsty and evil. Carol Danvers is kicking ass and taking names. She’s single-handedly taking on an entire Skrull armada and beating the snot out of them. She’s not taking prisioners, she’s out there going to war and war means death. Ms. Marvel is a soldier, and one of the most brutal books Marvel has out there right now. Why you guys aren’t promoting the holy hell outta this book is beyond me. I could say the same about She-Hulk but you know better than to not promote Peter David. And if you do, he’ll promote himself. He knows the deal.

Right now, Marvel is basically par the course but could be doing so much better. Way too many titles but some of them are excellent. Same as DC. It’s time to step up, gentlemen.

By the way, I recently read some comments by Mr. Grant Morrison and now resind my accusations of racism. I now believe that DC didnt’ let Mr. Morrison follow the course he wanted and he’s trying to rectify that with Final Crisis. I would’ve liked to have seen his Mister Miracle and his vision leading into Final Crisis. Heck, this is Grant Morrison people – if you’re gonna let him mess with Batman, the least you could’ve done was to let him write the book he wanted. He might’ve created the best African-American super-hero book ever.


~ by sladewilson on August 11, 2008.

One Response to “The Comic Rack: DC & Marvel – What’s Going On? Part Two”

  1. What an interesting post! It will be a while behind those comic books reach Scandinavia, and you provide a great preview of things to come. Seriously, no more Elektra? She is one of my fav heroes.

    I wonder… is there a place on the Net that has nice summaries of all the big storylines in Marvel Universe? I feel like I am getting more and more out of touch (and I already was way out of touch).

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