We Got Game: Prison Break – the game?

If you picked up the DVD set for season 3 of Prison Break, you saw an ad for Brash’s game adaptation in the package. The game is scheduled for release in February 2009. Brash Entertainment has published movie adaptations of Jumper, Alvin & The Chipmunks, and the latest is Space Chimps. This will be their first for the small screen.

For those who don’t watch Prison Break it’s about an engineer (Michael) who robs a bank just to get caught and sent to the same prison as his brother (Lincoln), who is sentenced to death row for the assassination of the President of United States. The whole assassination is a set-up and Michael is out to free his brother, hence the name of the show.

I’ll let your imagination run wild with how good this game can be

Prison Break’s fourth season is scheduled to begin next month on FOX.


~ by sladewilson on August 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “We Got Game: Prison Break – the game?”

  1. Oh no way! How do you make that series into a game?

  2. Hey, you have a great blog here! I’m definitely going to bookmark you!

    Hmm but prison break as a game?? oke adventure will be cool!

    I have a site called nzbtube.net a nzb movie/serie site with trailers. It pretty much covers all nzb movie stuff.

    Also Prison Break complete new series

    Come and check it out if you get time 🙂

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