We Got Game: The thing about Playstation Home…

Okay, the born day vacation is now officially over, we can get back on track. I got new reviews for Uncharted, Madden, and Rainbow Six – Vegas 2 a comin’ but first….

Playstation Home.

One of my peoples is a beta tester and I was over while he fired up one of the most anticipated and vented on games for the PS3 ever. Once he logged in, he already had his “Second Life” like avatar (more like an advanced “sim”) up and running. It looks good and then after about four minutes…

Freeze city.

“This happens all the time. I think they weren’t ready for the massive amounts of people. The build just can’t handle the strain. That’s my opinion.”

He has to turn off the PS3, then reboot. We do this dance about five times until I’m like, “Enough, dude. Just put in Madden. I got the Cowboys.”

You would think by now that Sony would’ve addressed this issue and already been prepared for it. With all the starts and stops to Playstation Home, the least of their worries should’ve been a capacity problem. But here it is.

Oh yeah, Sony if you’re listening, my friend said fix your beta website – he logs in and it still doesn’t recognize that he’s a beta tester. How can a person help if they can’t even leave a message?



~ by sladewilson on September 3, 2008.

3 Responses to “We Got Game: The thing about Playstation Home…”

  1. Ouch. That seriously bites. HOME sounds so promising though. I’d hope that these major bugs are fixed before the true release of the software but I kinda doubt it.

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  3. when is the new playstaion going to come out

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