Remote Hoppin: Prison Break Season Four Premiere

For a show that had one main premise and a short one at that, Prison Break seems to re-invent itself every season. From breaking out his brother Lincoln for a murder he didn’t commit, Michael Scofield has become the a cross between Alexander Mundy and Ethan Hawke. Prison Break turned everything on it’s ear the second season by embracing it’s conspiracy roots and ensemble cast. No longer a two man starring show, main characters from season one were killed and new characters were introduced. Now, the escape was on and all was well on it’s way to clearing Linc’s name entering season three when once again, it turned on it’s head and now it’s Michael incarcerated and again looking to find a way out. At the end of season three, we found out Dr. Sara Tancredi was very much alive and Sucre and Bellick had escaped the pit after T-Bag had thrown them literally to the wolves.

Season four emerges with Michael looking for revenge against Gretchen and learning very quickly the love of his life, Sara, is alive. The happiness is short lived because Michael, Linc, Bellick and Sucre are all captured again but no standard incarceration this time. This time, they work for the government under the gun to retrieve Scylla, a card that has all the names, places, dates, etc for the shadow unit named “The Company”. T-Bag is trying to get to Los Angeles because he has Whistler’s book and of course being T-Bag, he is looking for the big payoff. Already we realize we are diving head first into the consipiracy aspects of the show.

The second season also bought about quality actors wanting to join the show, the first being William Fichtner as Alex Mahone. Last season we got Jodi Lyn O’Keefe as Gretchen and Robert Wisdom as Lechero. This season we have Cress Williams as Wyatt, an assassin for The Company and Michael Rapaport as Don Self, FBI Agent and the man who has taken it upon himself to take down The Company. It is he who now has our erstwhile crew doing his bidding.

On paper, this is past a stretch. This is as close to a jump the shark moment as you can get. Only thing is Paul Scheuring has a method to his madness and this is his baby. He knows exactly where he’s going with all of this. As I watched the first episode, it felt right. You have to leave a certain knowledge of reality at the door when viewing a show like Prison Break. While the story is plausable, we all know it would never happen. It’s television, watch and enjoy the ride. Which is exactly what Prison Break is – a fun ride.

Michael, Sara, Lincoln and the crew are back.


~ by sladewilson on September 11, 2008.

One Response to “Remote Hoppin: Prison Break Season Four Premiere”

  1. Yeah, I can’t say that it captured my attention for the 4th season. I have taken it off my regular watching list.

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