Remote Hoppin’: Burn Notice Season Ender


Burn Notice is an interesting little show. It’s on the USA Network as a summer show, which means it’s shooting schedule is vastly different than your regular shows which begin in September or October. This affords it’s stars to go off and do other things and because USA splits the season of the shows, it will begin again in December or January with some new episodes right at the holiday season where the traditional networks take a break from their schedules which again leaves the field wide open for new programming.

All this still leads to bringing interesting, quality television to the masses or the show will fail. Burn Notice is a definite hit for USA which begs the question as to why such a lame ending?

Burn Notice gained a following because of it’s charismatic star, Jeffrey Donovan, in a unique role as spy extrodinaire Michael Weston. Part James Bond, part MacGuyver, with a mix of the little man fighting the system and good old common sense, Burn Notice took hold with it’s audience and created a quick buzz last year as a show to watch. Combined with an experienced cast and credible guest stars, we learned a “burn notice” for a spy is that they are cut off – no money, no place to go, they are completely isolated and left to fend for self in a town or city with no contacts and almost no friends. The spy will usually try to find why they were burned, which is still the focus of Burn Notice. Michael has an idea of why he was burned but not the full story.

This season introduced Carla, his new “handler” portrayed by Tricia Helfer of Battlestar Galactica fame. The theory given is that this shadow organization had Weston burned to handle certain jobs for them. Meanwhile, Michael still does his “good deeds” for those in needs but this time those deeds can sometimes interfere with what his handlers are trying to accomplish or keeping Michael under wraps. All of this led to the season finale where once again, Michael crossed Carla and this time his door was equipt with a bomb and we the audience see Michael make a last second leap but still somewhat caught in the blast.

“To be continued.”

Do any of us think that the star of the show is dead? Maybe somewhat injured but dead? Will Michael stop his relentless pursuit of who actually burned him? Are you serious? Last year, the season ender was Michael driving into a truck, the truck closing and we were left to wonder would Michael find out who burned him and why or was this a set up or what? There was intrique and options. Here, there were none. A word of advice, USA – these shows are constantly on the bubble fighting off both premium cable shows, other original cable programming and the major networks (ABC, CBS, NBC and yeah, even FOX). Originality, suspense, quality and innovation are the weapons you have to constantly sharpen to keep your place in the game. This ending did you no favors. Hopefully, it was just something to basically hold fans over until December and Burn Notice returns with a vengeance.


~ by sladewilson on September 21, 2008.

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