We Got Game – Faves: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six – Vegas 2


While Call of Duty is the bar that all military first person shooter games are aiming for, Rainbow Six – Vegas 2 (RSV2) falls right on it’s heels with games like Battlefield: Bad Company, SOCOM, and others. The story mode will essentially get you used to how RSV2 works. You design your character and play as Bishop, the leader of a three-man team who are the main field operatives. As a continuation from Rainbow Six – Vegas, one of your own has gone rogue and it’s up to you to stop him. And while the story has more holes than swiss cheese, it essentially gets the main job done, which is to get you ready for the real fun part: Terrorist Hunt.

You can go online or play single player with your team as you play on different boards with different missions. A horde of enemies come at you from all over and you have to take them down and complete the mission. You gain experience points with your actions. Your purpose is to gain an Elite ranking.

The replay value is large because of the many boards and different scenerios. The bottom line is also if you just like to blast off on bad guys, you could do a lot worse than RSV2. It definitely goes under one of my faves, especially when I’m feeling like getting off some steam and blowing away some people. RSV2 is therapeutic with all the unbrideled carnage you can cause. Personally, I like it because you don’t have a huge team to lead, you do have some solo missions and it’s not exactly easy. The boards take some tactical thought to get around and also what weaponry to equipt. The character design is one of the most complete I’ve seen in some time (still not up to Call of Duty but very close) and the fun factor is off the charts.

The graphics are top notch and while the voice work is limited to a couple of orders and some responses on your side, sometimes just sit back, equipt the snake cam and listen in on some of the convos your enemies are having. Some of them are laugh out loud funny.

Go have a blast and check out Rainbow Six – Vegas 2.


~ by sladewilson on September 21, 2008.

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