We Got Game: Lego Batman Review


Let’s face facts from the jump: while the Lego games are fun, they are primarily targeted for the little ones. That doesn’t mean us older folks can’t enjoy them, though. Yes, they’re primarily simple and doesn’t take a whole lot of major thought. But who really cares? You get to smash stuff!! Lots of stuff! The Lego brand is a smashtastic thrill ride. It’s one of the few games you can go hog wild. The other thing is that the Lego games get better and better every outing. Lego Star Wars was cute. Lego Indiana Jones was cool. Lego Batman is the best of the lot because it amps the fun quotient.

Let’s get to the details. You can play as the heroes and the villains. If you’re a stickler for continuity (which most kids aren’t but this might stop some questions later) start with the villains because it basically is the first part of the story. For those who have never played a Lego game – you smash everything you can and run around to get the studs. The studs are your money. And beware of the purple studs – they’re the ones you want the most. Plus the villains have special powers the heroes don’t have, which will help later in free play. You have three main stories to play thru – Riddler, Penguin and Joker as the respective leaders. You do the heist in four to five chapters and then when you play the heroes, you’re responding to each villains story. Each story also has a “car/plane/boat” chase chapter so you can obtain the vehicles later. Remember, studs are your money – you can purchase characters, suit upgrades, etc with them.

The villains headquarters is Arkham Asylum while the Batcave is where the heroes hang (duh…). It’s there you access storylines, etc. When you finish a chapter of a story, it is available for free play and any character (hero and villain) is at your disposal. This is fun because you can literally have Batman and Joker working as a team to get prizes. Any comic fanboy or fangirl will have a great time with this.

Last, but not least is the vaunted character creation tool. When in Arkham, go to the Experiment Room and create your own character based on the characters in the game. Then choose a main weapon. During Free Play, your character will be available. Robin with Harley Quinn’s abilities and

I won’t spoil it all for you, but if you’re a smash em up gamer, this is just pure fun and it has replay value. If you have kids, it’s a must buy. Lego Batman is available on X-Box 360, PS3, PS2, Wii, and PSP.


~ by sladewilson on November 7, 2008.

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