Reel To Reel: Iron Man 2 Rumors…

Blog@Newsarama just dropped a bomb of a rumor that they copped from Latino Review. What Marvel founding father will be prominent in the next couple of Marvel Heroes movies? And we’re not talking the Marvel Holy Trinity – Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man – but here’s a massive hint for all you loyal fans: He’s directly related to one of the trinity and extremely important to the origin of another.

Did you get it yet?

Hit the jump to find out the answer and more…

Tim Robbins has been hired to play Howard Stark, inventor and father to Anthony Stark. He also was instrumental to the creation of the Super Soldier formula. So, expect Robbins to be in the Captain America movie as well as Iron Man 2 and possibly more.

Combine that with another hot rumor that the hottest russian super-spy in Marvel History will be showing up with a certain ex-con bowman plus War Machine being prominent also and there’s only two words you need to know…


Oh yeah, on “The View” this past week, Samuel L. Jackson was promoting “The Spirit” and let this little bomb drop.

He’s definitely on-board for Iron Man 2 and the other Marvel movies…


~ by sladewilson on December 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “Reel To Reel: Iron Man 2 Rumors…”

  1. That’s some crazy news. If it were my call I think they are going the wrong way. Instead of going back I would like to see Iron Man 2 take off down a story arc like “Extremis.” They already used the orgin story refresh and other elements so it fits. Plus taking Tony to the next level with genetics and nanotech to hack is own body is lot more exciting than any War Machine, father story.

    I really hope they don’t do the Hulk/Avengers storyline. Pretty much anything that has touched the Hulk has stunk.

    The only way Captain America is going to work is if they have some good humor and play on the fact that he is a 40’s guy brought into the model world. Particularly with all of the biases and baggage that would include.

    • Here’s the deal, BlackJack. Marvel wants to set up the whole Avengers thing. Plus Howard Stark had his hand in so much of the marvel mythos, it’s hard to NOT include him, somehow.

      As for Cap, they’re going origin and WWII first and probably him being encased in ice. FF to when the Avengers find him. Also, remember Tony Stark has Cap’s Shield. Know what I’m looking forward to?

      Thor. Kenneth Branaugh is directing. Nuff said on that.

      As for War Machine, he’s hot right now. Just got his own book and Rhodey was always a bad ass. Personally, I always thought Terrence Howard was a piss poor choice and I like that Cheadle is now handling the duties. War Machine is suppossed to scare the crap outta you and I believe that Cheadle can pull that off far more effectively than Howard can. Something about that boy that screams “soft”. I think, for me, it’s the way his voice shakes when he gets all excited. He might think he sounds tough, but to me he sounds shook.

      All I know is that DC better get on their live action game because Batman can’t carry the company alone. That new Green Arrow movie looks interesting…

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