The Comic Rack: Top 100 Comics for 2008? Really?

CBR has recently put up their 2008 Top 100 Comics list. I’ll have something to say about that when I post up my top ten comics for 2008 this weekend. Fa sho. Speaking of:

The War Journal’s Best of Lists for 2008 will be up this weekend. I wasn’t going to do it, I swear but seeing all these Best of, Top whatever, and Favorite whowhatwhere lists I so vehemently disagree with, I now realize I have to if, for nothing else, my own damn sanity. You have been forwarned. My shit is a little different than what you’ve seen while still so eerily similar.

BTW – All Star Superman as the numero uno book of the year? Are you fuckin’ serious? Really?
Somebody’s been drinkin on the damn job…


~ by sladewilson on January 7, 2009.

One Response to “The Comic Rack: Top 100 Comics for 2008? Really?”

  1. I must admit… I didn’t know there was one hundred comics around!

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