My Fave Web Sites for 2008

And they’re still my fave sites….

disclaimer – No Pay Sites are included. That shit is so lame right now. This is about those who do it for the love and ain’t trying to charge your pocket esp. in a damn recession.

2dopeboyz – my favorite site right now. Shake and Meka bring the heat. This site is like crack to me. So much good music from artists that could tear a new one into most of the established acts out there today. All in all, it’s just a cool-ass site.

nahright – East Coast, stand up! The standard in hip-hop blogging. If you don’t know – FAIL.

NMC – nahright and 2 dopeboyz are members of the New Music Cartel. Other sites include OnSmash, Dajaz1, XclusivesZone and YouHeardTheNew. These cats are setting the standard for your daily hip-hop fix. Moreso than my beloved, SOHH (sorry Gyant), and everybody else who thinks they doin’ it…

Ms. Info – I’m partial because I’ve been listening to Ms. Info for years. I don’t even know what my day would be like if I didn’t check the site at least twice a day for some insight.

There’s a lot more so jump already…

Twitter – So addictive. Facebook and MySpace take an L when it comes to Twitter.

Gamespot – The standard when it comes to gaming. They’ve got it on lock.

Gamer 2.0 – These cats are coming for the crown. They have RSS from all the main gaming sites, articles, reviews, the whole nine. And the forums are insane.

The Escapist – Not for rookies or non-gamers. The Escapist is what your cool friend checks out while you’re searching IGN. In depth articles, news feeds are the main. The forums are so in depth, you get hooked before you know what happened. The best writing about gaming and the industry on the web today.

CBR – With their new, user friendly site, Comic Book Resources took the crown from Newsarama this year. Now with the addition of Robot 6, their new blog site (with the original Blog@Newsarama crew no less) they don’t look like their going to give it back without a fight. Easier to navigate, still more comic related than anything else, CBR made 2008 their year for solid comic news and the first place to go when looking for comic news.

Newsarama – Still holds a special place as it was my fave for years. But since joining Imaginova, the new site takes too long to load, to check images is a pain, and it just kills me to say this but I wish they would go back to the old design. This just ain’t working. Still, when you got one of the best Animated features on the web (shout out to Steve Fritz), one of the most respected writer/editors in the game managing your site (what up, Matt Brady) and one of the best writing crews in the game (shout out to Troy B, Vanetta, Lucas and the rest of you knuckleheads) you know they ain’t about to settle for second place. But right now, it’s hard to hang out at the new homestead. It feels like work to navigate around this new site. Who wants that?

Daytime Confidential – Stomped into 2008 like the Hulk. They’ve embraced other sites and writers, have a kick ass podcast (available on iTunes no less besides their own site), hang out on MySpace and Facebook, and hooked up with TVONE for their forums. All for free, mind you. The most expansive and complete daytime television site on the web today. And don’t be fooled – they will be going into primetime sooner than later. These cats are just that good.

The Steamroom (pay site)/Soaptown USA – I know I said I wouldn’t add a pay site, but Soaptown USA is free and probably a half step behind DC for complete coverage. The only drawback is that The Steamroom, their fourm site and where you can find the ever so cool Trixie tending to all things soap related, is a pay site and in this economy that’s the only very slight drawback. Which is not to say it’s not worth the money, but right now it’s all about free, free, no fee…

Game Informer – Very knowledgeable site, but so much better once you have a subscription to the mag.

CNN – Come on – the cable news network is the internet news site. Who else would you check out especially for politics?

Necole Bitchie – It’s rare to find a gossip columnist with integrity and grace. You’ve found it here.

Blackjackskanz – Nobody does it better than my man Blackjack. He goes in… The man’s skills are so good, I can actually make credible desktops from his scans. Basically, Blackjack is the blu-ray to everyone else’s HQ.

Spoiler Fix – Best primetime spoiler site on the web today.

YouTube – It’s here because it’s YouTube. What’s NOT on YouTube? Tell me and then I’ll go there too. Dailymotion and the rest just don’t compare. Porn, you say. Look below, chucklehead…

Pornhub – The YouTube of porn. Free, complete catagories, and stictly hardcore. Yeah the load times can be a bitch and the ads are intrusive, at least their not pop ups and interrupting the action. You’re not going to find a better free porn site. Trust.

JoeBuddenTV/Vlad TV – For the better part of the year, JoeBuddenTV was on YouTube and assorted hip-hop sites but now Mouse has loaded up his own site and it’s on. JBTV has held it down all year – and the fact that New Jerz Joe spits in the fact of conventionalism and is far from the norm (ghetto trash talking nonsense need not apply here) it’s refreshing to see intelligent thought and humor instead of the usual tough talk bullshit. Leave that to VladTV is not nearly as bad as Thisis50 and he has some of the coolest interviews on the web.

Okay, that’s it. I was going to do some honorable mentions and shit but fuck it. And personal blogs are not included because I’m not putting my people on blast for you fuckers…


~ by sladewilson on January 11, 2009.

11 Responses to “My Fave Web Sites for 2008”

  1. I give one vote to twitter. I spend half my online time there. It’s the bomb!

  2. YO! Thanks for the shout man. I don’t know how into Nerdcore you are, but Songfight! ( is a great site for new tunes, especially Nerdcore and other indie/underground hiphop. It’s where MC Frontalot got his start (and still pwns every once in awhile) and worth popping by every once in a while.

  3. Hey, this is Anthony Perez, publisher of Gamer 2.0. Thanks for the love on the post. Glad you like the site 😀

  4. Twitter, well, I just wish it would do so much more. It’s OK IMO, but not one of my favs.

  5. The Escapist and Zero Punctuation rule!

  6. Thanks for the shout, man. I’ll it keep coming in 09.

    As for gaming sites, you should checkout Giant Bomb. They definitely have the best gaming podcast.

  7. Giant Bomb does have the best podcasts, that I grant you. Still, I would check out Gamer 2.0 – that site is chock full of goodness. It’s rapidly becoming my go-to site for gaming info. Gamespot better get on it’s grind!!!

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  10. Hi, cool site, good writing 😉

  11. great!! just dicovered

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