Remote Hoppin’: The Five Shows You Should Be Watching

There’s alot more than five, trust me. And there’s some shows that require a stern committment. I was trying to avoid those type of shows because the TV Gods know I have enough on my freakin’ plate, why would I want to add to yours. Still, good shows come and go (comments later – I’ve got to rant somewhere) but there are some cool shows out there that bear watching.

The list after the jump…

1. Chelsea Lately: Chelsea Handler is one funny woman. And to give her a show under the guise of a talk show is perfect. Here’s the set up. A brief monologue, then a four person round table that usually consist of herself and three comedians and/or industry insiders. They basically talk about news of the day, tear a couple of people a new one and then Chelsea has one guest and let’s just say her interview skills are… ummm.. original for lack of a better word? Here’s the facts: it’s a half hour of laugh out loud funny. If you get the chance, YouTube Chelsea with T.I. or Akon or Bret Michaels or Jenny McCartney and tell me you didn’t double take the TV at least once with a “holy shit” look on your face. Yeah, she said that. And yeah, she really don’t give a fuck. I love her crazy ass…

2. Burn Notice: The great thing about Burn Notice is that it’s easy to pick up episode to epidsode. It’s not one of those shows that takes a lot of back tracking to figure out. They literally spell out everything that’s going on in about two episodes. Here’s the skinny – Michael Weston is a spy that has a burn notice on him. A burn notice bascially throws any spy under the bus. They don’t rat him out but they get no support whatsoever. Everyone turns their back on them. Persona non grata. Michael wants to know why. And the consipiracy begins and he’s trying to wade his way thru it. Of course, one man can’t do this alone but all he has is a former lover (they have an off and on again relationship) who happens to be arms dealer and has destructive tendancies. Plus she’s freakin’ hot. His other collegue is a old spy who now snitches on other former spies but basically still is useful. Then there’s Michael’s mother who is played by the wonderful Sharon Gless. Michael’s way to make income is to help people who usually come his way from mommie dearest or one of his friends. He takes the job and it’s usually one episode and done. What keeps us watching is Michael’s relentless pursuit to clear his name and gain back his position.

3. Morning Joe: Yes, Joe Scarsborough is a republican. Yes, he can be grating at times. Yes, he can drive you absolutely crazy. And yes, Joe’s stance is sometimes dead on. Given all that, he still has one of the best political shows on television today. Joe is smart enough to align himself with a well versed crew that is not afraid to disagree with him. And Joe is smart enough to listen to them and sometimes (rarely but sometimes) change his position or at least grant that the opposing position has a valid point. All of this makes for interesting political talk and not the boring stuff you see on Sunday mornings (except for the McLaughlin Group – those people are hilarious). Their coverage of news items are enlightening and they bring on enough guests to keep you informed and entertained. BTW – Courtney Hazlett and Erin Burnett have become my new crushes. I got a thing for sexy smart women – sue me. Speaking of which – Mika Brzezinski is golden and should have her own show. Which I would watch every single day of my life. With a smile on my face. Plus he has the one and only Pat Buchanan on his show and we all know that Pat Buchanan is the freakin’ man. Think I’m wrong? He’s on every single political talk show in the world. The man is a beast. And to top all that off, the music played leading into breaks on this show is amazing. They should have their own soundtrack.

4. Comedy Central’s Secret Stash: Comedy Central picks a movie, comedian’s concert or a roast (or something similar) and let’s the foul words fly without beeping them. Basically you get the whole R rated goodness on a free cable station. Now this is shown on a Saturday night/Sunday morning at 1AM but where else will you see Cloris Leachman cussing her ass off pulling off one of the best comedy bits of 2008? Or Katt Williams’ first concert special and you can’t afford the DVD? Or Jackass 2 without looking for it on a pay cable site? I’m telling you – the secret stash is money in the bank.

5. Life: Okay, I said I would try. This show is similar to Burn Notice in it’s set up that every case is one and done and it’s about the consipiracy. The good part also helps that you can backtrack the consipiracy on the net. Charlie Crews is a cop that was arrested for murder and did 11 years in prison. He successfully sued the police department and won a hefty settlement but the interesting part is he wanted his old job back. Now Detective Charlie Crews along with his partner Detective Dani Reese solves cases every week while Crews tries to find out who set him up and why. It sounds trite but the talents of this cast especially Damian Lewis makes this show a must see.

I have a ton of honorable mentions but like I said, I wasn’t going to add shows you need a committment for. Fringe is one of those shows. You need to have serious commitment for Fringe. Dollhouse hasn’t even started yet but I already know that it’s going to take commitment. Numb3rs, NCIS, and 90210 all have healthy numbers. Eleventh Hour takes commitment also but you could catch up. It’s a little hard to follow but a damn good show. I didn’t add daytime television because that is the essence of commitment.

Okay, take your shots. I’m a big boy and I can take it…


~ by sladewilson on January 15, 2009.

5 Responses to “Remote Hoppin’: The Five Shows You Should Be Watching”

  1. I haven’t seen or hear of anything but the Chelsea Lately gal. your spot on about her, been watching her since she was brand spankin’ new, she’s great. 🙂

  2. You know how much TV I watch and I haven’t heard of the first four of these shows!
    I never got into Life although I did hear great things about it, it must be on opposite something else I watch. I am committed to Fringe however, I LOVE Walter!

    And can I tell you how excited I am that LOST is back next week?!!

  3. It’s Grey’s Anatomy, Ugly Better, Law & Order SVU (or “the baby-rape show” as it’s known around our house), Daily Show, Colbert Report and ER on our Tivo. And Meet the Press & SNL, of course.

    Joe Scarborough? Can’t take him. He’s 30% okay and 70% douchebag. Don’t even get me started on Mika. She’s an embarassment to her oh-so-awesome dad.

  4. See how cool this article is? You’ve been led to goodness – enjoy it…

    Ben – you need to check Chelsea Lately. Trust me. And yeah, I’m jazzed about LOST, 24, Dollhouse and Fringe. Great TV… tasty….

  5. Slade, you are the most influencing factor when it comes to determine which shows I watch. So far you pointed me towards some real gems, so I’ll add Burn Notice and Life to my watching list.

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