The Comic Rack: The Tree Has Fallen – Final Crisis #6


Okay, I just read “Final Crisis” issue six and while I hate to toot my own horn (I’d much rather have others do it for me…lol), I did say this was a trainwreck, didn’t I? Yes. Yes, I did.

Now, there will be spoilers in the links coming and if you don’t want to know, stop here. For those brave souls who dare to tread further, more info after the jump…

I would suggest the following reviews on the web right now because I’m so distressed over the whole damn thing.

Newsarama’s Troy Brownfield’s Best Shots Extra gives a positive review while over at Blog@Newsarama, J. Caleb Mozzocco literally rips it a new one and to add insult to injury, this is a repost from Mozzocco’s “Every Day Is Like Wednesday” blog which is one cool blog for comic fans and I highly recommend it.

Meanwhile, Benjamin Birdie over at CBR gives the issue a thumbs up with minor reservations while Kevin Mahadeo over at Wizard goes right for the jugular and interviews the man himself, Grant Morrison, about the ramifications of the issue and the world’s greatest detective – and you’ll read for yourself that while Mahadeo might not know there’s an “out” for the Omega Sanction, Grant sure does and this might not be as dire as it looks (but it is one helluva cool pic)…


Still – a few points:

1) And this is the one that is bugging the living hell outta me – why in the world is Shilo Norman white? A coloring mistake in one issue is bad enough but forgiveable, but two? I don’t see anyone making Superman black. Try as y’all might, this is just plain insulting….

2) And I’ve been thinking this for awhile now – is Final Crisis in part a shill for Grant Morrison’s critically acclaimed (and one helluva great read if you have the time) Seven Soldiers Of Victory maxi-series done last year? Why do I say this? Because, if you didn’t read the Mister Miracle series, you wouldn’t understand what the heck the Omega Sanction is. And how it can be beat.

3) This will probably be a much better read in Graphic Novel form but only if done in chronological order including all the side issues. If DC does that (even in two to three parts), Morrison’s vision for much of this will be read the way it should’ve been.

4) Has anyone informed Dan Didio and Geoff Johns we’re in the middle of a recession? People are depressed enough. Can y’all lighten up the load just a little? DC Comics are rapidly becoming the most depressing reads in the comic industry.

Sooo, is Bruce Wayne dead or alive?

To hark back to the sixties show, “Stay tuned”…

Update: The Almighty Matt Brady (I like to call him that) of Newsarama just dropped a great article on the timelines and structure of the whole Batman R.I.P./Last Rites/Final Crisis #6 deal. Check it out here.


~ by sladewilson on January 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Comic Rack: The Tree Has Fallen – Final Crisis #6”

  1. Matt makes us call him The Overlord. 😀

  2. That’s hilarious. The Supes holding Batman pic is the one that cracks me up. How many times is Clark suppossed to carry his dead (or suppossed dead) friends? The man is gonna get a complex soon…

    Omega Sanction my ass. If I was Grant Morrison (granting the release issues aren’t his fault) I would be majorly pissed at DC for fucking up my epic…

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