Remote Hoppin’: The Return of “Heroes”?

“A Clear & Present Danger” kicks off “Heroes” season 3.2 and the “Fugitives” storyline. The aftermath of “Villains” has everyone except Nathan laying low. Hiro, still powerless but now teamed with a newly-powered Ando is chanelling his inner Alfred while Ando wants to live out his life’s dream – being the ultimate chick magnet. Claire, who is becoming increasingly annoying, is trying to go out and fight the good fight but Angela and her two dads want her to go to college. Peter is back being an EMT while Mohinder, looking normal again, is driving a cab. Parkman and Daphne (or Speedy as I like to call her) are trying to live a normal life. Tracy is with a govenor now, having left Nathan. Sylar is looking for his pappy and having success. All in all, everyone is on the down low.

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Except, like I said, Nathan. He’s all over the place. And he has reason to be. Nathan is acting on his last scene in the last season and he’s coming after his old friends and one major enemy. It also helps that mommy has approved his message and Nathan has recruited the one person who is an expert in hunting extra-ordinary folks: HRG. Combined with a seriously stacked black-ops crew led by “The Hunter” played by “Homicide” and “Damages” actor Zeljko Ivanek, our cast is being captured one by one. Claire gets wind of this and is off to warn Parkman and Peter.

Of course, all of this goes down all kinds of wrong and everyone is captured with the exception of Ando, who with the help of a GPS monitor that Hiro has injected in both of them, is tracking his old friend. So, help is on the way. The one other major snafu is that Sylar finds daddy only to find out that daddy is really his uncle, Martin Gray. Martin took money from his brother to give his wife the child she always wanted and to get away from them both. He gives Sylar his brother’s name (Samson – oh the irony) and address. Only at the address, Sylar is attacked by the black ops crew minus HRG and The Hunter and he basically kicks their asses. One is led to wonder – is Martin Gray in on Nathan’s plans?

At an airplane hanger, our cast is led out in orange jump-suits, with hoods, goggles and headphones to an airplane. One is given to Nathan and, of course, it’s Claire Bear who is none too pleased to see Daddy but he “gives her a pass” and puts her in his limo. Big mistake. Claire breaks free and sneaks on the plane. She frees Peter who syphons some of Mohinder’s super strength and goes about kicking the crap out of their captors while Claire is freeing them. Peter bumps into Tracy, gets her freezing power and touches the plane. Uh oh. Crack, boom, giant hole in plane. Decompression and visions of LOST dance in our heads as the plane starts to go down and people are flying out.

So, is Heroes back on track? It seems like Kring, who wrote this episode, has indeed found the rhythm. The cast is trimmed, and the plots are few. The pace is more even and so far it harks back to year one in terms of stability. If this keeps up, this season could redeem the franchise. I suspect more cast members will find their way back (even if it’s just for a cameo). The great thing is we have a new conflict but this time with someone the viewers have come to cheer for. Is Nathan the new big bad or is he right in rounding up his old friends because their abilities make them dangerous? Everything is not so clear cut and that makes good television. But can one good episode redeem a franchise? Maybe not, but it sure helps it’s cause. If the rest of the season is this good, then Heroes has indeed returned to it’s former glory…


~ by sladewilson on February 4, 2009.

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