Rights of Soul: Mae Day – Cherish The Day review


Mae Day’s “Cherish The Day – the mae/sade experience” is one ambitious project. Anytime an artist takes the music of a seminal artist of Sade’s caliber, they subject themselves to a higher standard. As just a rap CD, Mae Day comes thru with a clear cut victory. She’s on point and clearly has talent; in other words, honey can spit with the best of them. The problem comes with this being a specific project. Since it’s as much Sade’s music as Mae Day’s rhymes, the marriage between the two is problematic at best. More after the jump…


A major part of the problem is Mick Boogie’s mixing. De Notes’ music is banging but there are times banging isn’t what is needed. The perfect song to understand this project is “Jezzebelle” using Sade’s “Jezebel”. The first half is somewhat off using the track as is for the intro and then incorporating a small part while Mae flows. Then the entire track switches and Mick finds the groove and Mae really flourishes as the marriage between rapper and beat have been finally established. A track where it totally fails is “Crime”, which sounds like a total mess. That’s a shame considering “Is It A Crime” is one of Sade’s most popular tracks. You wish they could’ve come up something, anything better than this.

When Mick finds a firm hold on the song like “Hold On” which uses “Nothing Can Come Between Us” to full effect, you truly hear the project’s full potential. Even when Mick and De Notes flip the script on a song like “Sweetest Taboo” by manipulating the speed of the track and Sade’s vocals, there are pieces that are so off center if it wasn’t for the strength of Mae Day’s rhyming skill, the entire track would’ve crashed and burned.

“Still Love H.I.M.” which uses “Your Love Is King” and some killer beats by De Notes is one of the stronger tracks on the project. You can tell the thought that went in prior to recording. Everything is riding on point and Mae is simply killing it with some of her best rhymes to date. Right behind that is “Keep Looking” where everything is incorporated to perfection and Mae is in typical battle mode which you can tell Mae is a battle rhymer first and foremost. The track plays to her strength to full effect.

So do I recommend it? Definitely, just to see an artist take this kind of risk and (for the most part) watch it pay off. The least it does is show just how good Mae is, which should place her in the upper pantheon of active female MC’s and definitely have her repping Detroit to the fullest. The best thing you can say is that as a whole, the CD definitely rides. And Mae Day shows she’s a true artist – one not afraid of taking chances.


~ by sladewilson on February 6, 2009.

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