The Comic Rack: A Hero Falls… Again


Hey guys and gals!!! Remember this little post? Ahhh, I see revelation has hit you. And did you read the comments that followed? Okay, if not go catch up and we’ll forge ahead.

All caught up? Ready? Hit the jump because spoilers apply and Lawd knows I don’t wanna ruin anyone’s fun…

Carol Danvers is dead.

No joke. No “other identity”. No switch at the end.

Carol Danvers aka Ms. Marvel is dead.

I give Brian Reed all the cred in the universe, as I’ve stated before. He took a great character that no one knew what to do with and probably created the greatest female super hero comic ever. I mean, and this is no disrespect to Gail Simone, and all the other writers of the greatest female super hero in the universe, Wonder Woman, but Ms. Marvel is a successful comic because Brian Reed recognized that comics are still a male dominated field and wrote accordingly.

He made Ms. Marvel one badass bitch.

Let’s face it, not many villains nor heroes for that matter wanted to go toe-to-toe with Ms. Marvel. She could lay down a serious beatdown. I mean you knew you were in a fight when Ms. Marvel went at you. And that was all due to Brian Reed.

So my question, as a fan, is one simple word.


Brian has done numerous interviews about the subject (check Newsarama, CBR, etc) and you’ll read what he has to say which is basically this is the natural conclusion to Carol’s story. Personally, I see two possible scenerios. One, which is the one I tend to believe, is that this is editorial driven to promote this whole “Dark Reign” bullshit (which, by the way, is really stupid especially in the middle of a recession/borderline depression – we really want to read the villians kicking the heroes asses all around town), or Brian Reed ran out of stories for Carol and needed a fresh start.

Reed is too good to have ran out of stories. Especially since Carol’s death is not the end of the comic.

Oh yeah, forgot about that little tidbit.

Meet the “new” Ms. Marvel:

Ta da!!!

Confused? For those not following “Dark Reign”, Norman Osborn (yeah, Green Goblin and wanna be Lex Luthor with hair) is now “the man” and has his “Dark Avengers” which are main villians from the Thunderbolts in the costumes of Avengers. Moonstone is now the proud owner of the original Ms. Marvel costume and will be taking over the book.

Oh, Carol essence will be felt as Karla has to deal with how to be hero and act accordingly especially with such a high bar that Carol set. But, this is the new Ms. Marvel. Get used to it.

Or not.

As of last issue, I cancelled my subscription. And after reading some comments, I’m not alone. First “One More Day”, then “Secret Invasion” then “Dark Reign” and now this crap. And there’s more to come, kids.

Wolverine’s book will be taken over by Daken. Iron Man is on the run and getting his ass kicked all over (but he deserves it because of what he did to Steve Rogers). Namor is being Namor. Black Panther got his butt handed to him by Dr. Doom (one of the weakest beatdowns ever) and now his sister has to take the mantle (and I’m just about through with Reggie Hudlin’s BP version also – he’s getting on my nerves and ruining every good thing Priest did for the character), and much more is coming.

Insert yawn here.

At least you guys and the geniuses over at DC are doing one good thing. With all this depressing shit y’all are shilling out, I can cut a gang of books and save me some money. So I guess I should be thanking you for that.

But it would ring hollow.

Rest in Peace, Carol Danvers. You will be missed…


~ by sladewilson on March 30, 2009.

One Response to “The Comic Rack: A Hero Falls… Again”

  1. Ah shame it’s all going downhill. At least the Marvel MMO game seems to be on the table again.

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