Remote Hoppin’: The Demise of Sarah Connor & 24 is moving…

If you don’t follow Michael Ausiello over at Entertainment Weekly‘s website, you’re missing out on great scoops. A day before his weekly “Ausiello Files” where he gives readers a chance to ask about their fave shows and he answers the best he can (networks are fiesty creatures when it comes to show spoilers…) he dropped two mega bombs on the public.

First off, sources within Fox are saying “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” is dead and buried aka it won’t return for another season. This despite one incredible and extremely provacative season ender game changer (TSCC is one of the shows who did game changers right) and literally set up a new season perfectly. One has to wonder if “Terminator: Salvation” does well in theatres, will Fox stick to the demise of the show. Of course, right now the official word is “No decision has been made yet. We will be announcing our fall schedule on May 18th.” Translation: We’re thowing the dirt on the grave as we speak but the headstone ain’t ready yet.

Bouncing around comments around the web, most are not surprised stating the dwindling ratings for the show. What most people have yet to take into account is that Nielsen is extremely antiquated now and they don’t include shows that people dvr/tivo and watch later at their discretion. TSCC is one of those shows that people would watch over the weekend to decipher all the fun stuff going on in one episode. Of course this is Fox we’re talking about and I, for one, was absolutely shocked they renewed TSCC last season….

“24” news after the jump….

Next up, the scoop concerns “24” and is a fan’s wet dream.

wait for it….

wait for it….

Jack Bauer and company’s next hang-out?

New York.

Yeah, you read right. “24” is coming the Big Apple to confront a new big bad. Of course, it won’t be filmed here (they’ll probably do some pre-production shots and film primarily in LA) but the storyline will be based in NYC.

Two words.

Yeaaaaaah, baybee!!!!!!

Click the link and read all the details over at EW. Tell Mr. Ausiello the War Journal sent you and maybe shoot him an e-mail question about a fave show. Who knows, he might take pity on your sorry ass and answer it. Hint – show some “Smurf” love and that might help…


~ by sladewilson on April 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “Remote Hoppin’: The Demise of Sarah Connor & 24 is moving…”

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  2. Jack in New York! Awesomesauce! Finally an American city I’ve actually visited. *wink wink nudge nudge* I will be able to relate more.

    I really enjoyed TSCC, right from the start. Even the soundtrack. I so hope that despite all the rumours the show will return. I want to see Miss Weaver in action!

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