Rights Of Soul – Music Fantasy Draft

So I’m over at 2dopeboyz and they got up the new JoeBuddenTV joint:

Jump to @two hours later….

Me and some members of the Guild (Assassin’s Guild, stand up!) are IMing like crazy and I bring up the vid. Everyone goes and checks it out and we all agree with Joey. With that said, it seques into who would we pick in a Music Fantasy Draft.

Jump time…

So here are the catagories and my picks:

Male Now R&B Singer: Mario

Female Now R&B Singer: Keri Hilson

(This next catagory I fought for and won…)

Male Neo-Soul Singer: D’Angelo

Female Neo-Soul Singer: Alicia Keys

Male Old-School Soul Singer: Marvin Gaye

Female Old-School Soul Singer: Aretha Franklin

R&B Group: The Temptations

Male Old-School MC: Biggie

Female Old-School MC: MC Lyte

Old-School Hip-Hop Group: Public Enemy

Male Now MC: T.I.

Female Now MC: Jean Grae

Now Hip-Hop Group: Pacific Division

(this catagory Wade fought for and won)

Male On The Come Up MC: Drake

Female On The Come Up MC: Mae Day

On The come up hip-hop group: Slaughterhouse (btw – no one came close -we all took this pick…lol..)

Male Pop Vocalist: Justin Timberlake

Female Pop Vocalist: Rihanna

Hip-Hop Pop Rapper: Eminem (I won this simply by his MTV cred but we all really know Em is an MC hall of famer already… let’s keep it real)

The Eminem arguement was the biggest of the night with “Now” soul singers in a close second and neo-soul third…

Highlights of the discussion…

“But does he get mad airplay on MTV? Then he’s pop, nigga!”

“If I can’t have Keri, then I want Beyonce.” You see I got Keri, right?

“We all know you would drink her fuckin’ bath water, but when did Alicia become Neo-Soul?”

“What do you mean Chaka Khan ain’t old-school? Then what the fuck is she?”

Good times, good times….

Thanks mouse for the inspiration…


~ by sladewilson on April 15, 2009.

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