Internet Soldiers: The Return of Star & Buc Wild

Star and Buc Wild are back! I don’t know how much DJ Vlad is paying them or what kind of deal they secured and I don’t give a damn. All I know is that the only reason I turned on my radio for the past three years has returned to drop knowledge once again. The Hater is back, folks and the world is better place for it…

BTW – I gotta learn how to embed some VladTV vids on here without waiting for them to post on freakin’ YouTube. In the meantime, click the link above to see Star and Buc talk about Russell and Kimora.

Welcome back, gentlemen…


~ by sladewilson on May 4, 2009.

3 Responses to “Internet Soldiers: The Return of Star & Buc Wild”

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  2. Hmm, can’t say I ever heard of them. But if you like them, they must be good!

  3. Being an avid radio listener for years, I have come to a realization that we can not believe everything we hear. Many of today’s radio personalities have really lost their minds. We are reminded of Don Imus’s escapade concerning racial slurs and Star’s (Star & Bucwild) comment referring to “eating” DJ Envy’s Child’s “ass like a sandwich“, it is evident that these so-called entertainers are taking the concept of free speech a bit too far. As their sharp tongues rip up their syndicated radio contracts many DJs are turning to Internet radio as it becomes rapidly popular on the entertainment scene. Although Internet radio may create more “freedom” in terms of saying whatever they please, some DJs are becoming insecure regarding losing their fan base to other radio programs. Due to an interesting series of letters that graced my desk early this morning, I’ll share with you a bit of entertaining yet sad information. As I mentioned many DJs believe they can say what they want, often making enemies everywhere they go. Well, surprise, surprise! Star from the Star & Bucwild show has made yet another foe. Reports claim that a small radio station by the name of received an angry message from Star on social networking site, demanding that Nilo (host of the Nilo The Angry Latino Show) is to “knock it off”, and stop using Star’s name to brand / market his radio show.” The letter went on to say that Star “takes his brand very seriously,” and threatened to sue the small radio station. When reading further, I learned that the shows host, “Nilo, The Angry Latino” was, a huge admirer of Star growing up. It appears as though “Nilo, The Angry Latino” was greatly influenced by Star’s style. While reading the letters, I also detected a certain level of intimidation on the part of Star. In the correspondence, Star made comments such as“ I am far from a novelty act!” and “ Yes, we’ve met in the past and I’ve never told you what I think you should do regarding radio but at the same time I did not lay down my sword,“(huh?) While feuding with Nilo The angry Latino, Star also took a moment to mention rival / former Hot97 morning show host Miss Jones when he wrote “Recently Miss Jones tried to make nice with me but obviously forgot that she lied in her book saying that I once announced desire to be the black Howard Stern. Not only was she trying to justify her weak position but she was also hoping to distort my rise and stake“. Why Star decided to comment on Miss Jones and what this has to do with his feud with Nilo The Angry Latino is beyond me. While I am not surprised at the angry attack, I do have few questions for Star. If you take your brand as seriously as you claim, why do you come off as a weak and insecure DJ who’s making a few last weak attempts at regaining stardom? Secondly, who is this Nilo The Angry Latino? In order for this newcomer to have you in such a frenzy, he’s got to be talented. Lastly, after reading all 3 letters between the two radio personalities, I discovered that Nilo The Angry Latino mentions helping Star when he was kicked off Power 105.1 by educating him on internet radio. . In another portion of the letter, Nilo even discusses helping Star sell his book on the NiloRadio website in an effort to help Stars book sales with out any expectation of financial gain. The most interesting thing in these letters is that at no point does Star deny the fact that Nilo The Angry Latino has helped him a number of times. Star is this how you treat all people who have made attempts to help you? If so, perhaps that is why your fate is as such ! With Internet radio rapidly growing, the competition is going to be stiff. One piece of advice for all the “new comers” and “old schoolers” in the radio game, keep your friends close and your enemies closer! Freedom of Speech

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