The Comic Book Rack – DC Follows Marvel into a New Era…

Disney “aquires” Marvel Comics. Huge news in the comic and entertainment world. DC Comics has been a part of Warner Bros. for years but the recent announcement really hit home. First we hear that Paul Levitz is no longer publisher and president of DC Comics. He will be writing “Adventure Comics” and consulting on “various issues”. This seques into DC Comics being restructured into DC Entertainment and Diane Nelson is now in charge.


DC Comics will now be under DC Entertainment which will incorporate the DC brand across all media including feature films, video games, etc. Here’s my main question: if Nelson is not taking on the role of publisher nor president of DC Comics, then who is? Which leads to one more very important question for all of those who are DC Comics fans:

Where does Dan Didio stand in all of this?

Very interesting goings on in the comics world right now. More as the stories develop….


~ by sladewilson on September 11, 2009.

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