Hollywood’s new hustle…

That is the official trailer to a new movie called “The Losers”. It’s based on a DC/Vertigo comic book series. Like what you see? Good. Welcome to the second coming of Hollywood. Over approximately the last five years or more, Hollywood and specifically the movie industry have run out of ideas. Not to say all is lost. There are still some originators in the game, but for the most part we’re watching either recycled television hits, recycled movies under the guise of sequels, novels, video games and comic books.

Huh? Did he just say Comic Books? Yup. I’ll let the sink in a bit.

You see that? Crazy right? If you think that’s crazy, the comic was like 1000X more insane. “Human Target” on Fox was a DC Comic. “V for Vendetta” was a comic. The list is long and varied. Superheroes such as Iron Man, Batman, The Hulk, etc, to one shot graphic novels (Road to Perdition), etc. Is this a good idea? Doesn’t matter because it’s happening and the wave isn’t stopping anytime soon. Think about it for a second. Comic Books and video games are the new “big” ideas for Hollywood and there is a simple reason as to why it works:

The core audiences for each are relatively small but loud and loyal.

The comic book craze might be slowing down now that Marvel Comics have teamed with Disney. Time Warner already owns DC Comics. While that doesn’t mean other companies might not ask to use those characters (Look at Fox and “Human Target”), more than likely companies will be looking past the “big two” (Marvel and DC) for their newest inspirations. This bodes well for companies such as Dark Horse, Image, Top Cow, etc. to now supply entertainment companies with quality characters. And then there are video games.

Tomb Raider, Street Fighter, Super Mario, God Of War, Assassin’s Creed, Halo, Tekken, and so many more. This list isn’t the definitive list but right now it will serve our purposes. While most of these games have already become movies or are already being filmed, there are hundreds more that are ready for their close up. New video games are being developed at a rapid pace and most can be developed rather easily.

In closing, the trend seems to picking up steam and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Get ready …


~ by sladewilson on February 11, 2010.

One Response to “Hollywood’s new hustle…”

  1. I’m so watching Kick-Ass 😀

    You are right. The art of comics doesn’t begin with Marvel and ends with DC. My secret wish is that they will make a movie (a good movie!) based on Thorgal comics.

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