The Rights Of Soul – What is wrong with Usher and/or his team?

This is a quick rant and it’s only because for the life of me, I can’t figure it out.

What the hell is wrong with Usher?

I mean, I see on iTunes that “OMG” is a hit but come on, that song sucks. We all know it. Anyone over the age of 16 knows it. Oh yeah, Will.I.Am? Do me a favor, William and don’t you ever bring your Black Eyed Peas ass over to real hip-hop and R&B artists again. Stick to your crew, pop icons and Rihanna. Thank you.

Usher, dude. What in the world is going thru your head? One of the absolute best entertainers in the R&B universe. Consistent in his gangster in the game. The man is a Don in the R&B world. Soooooo….

What happened?

First off, his last CD was a total bust (and there was some very cool jams on there). There were songs he should’ve used as singles that never saw the light of day. And now with “Raymond vs. Raymond”, it might be selling but he’s gotta realize, something is very wrong. And the top is that “There Goes My Baby” should’ve been his main single. You just gettin to your strongest song now, playa?

Get your head right. Cut the baggage and get back on your grind. Before you turn into Tony Rich or some shit…


~ by sladewilson on July 5, 2010.

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