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Who saw this coming? A western that just might be the game of the year (yeah, it’s early but so what?). I’ll address more of that later but right now the web is chock full of goodness when it comes to Rockstar Games’ newest hit. Click the links, kids…

Game Informer has a new feature called “Spoiled” and guess what game is first out the box?

A group of Dutch gamers have set a new world record for playing videogames by playing Red Dead Redemption for over two days straight. Playing a videogame may seem like a strange way to go about attaining a world record, but it’s a new claim to fame for six Dutch gamers. By playing Red Dead Redemption for 50 hours straight this past weekend, these gamers have earned recognition from the Guinness Book of World Records, as well as somewhat fabulous prizes.

Apparently the marathon event began as a competition at a Dixons store in the Netherlands, where the six gamers started out competing with one another. At some point, though, the group decided to make a collective go at the record. All six young men are going to receive the Guinness recognition, $1300 in prize money, and a Twistdock setup.

Previously, the world record for playing a videogame was a little over 40 hours, held by a gamer from India. The Dutch players, however, apparently played for 50 hours with no breaks (presumably, they were allowed to go to the bathroom and eat while they played), which is pretty remarkable. Not only that, but it looks like the guys enjoyed themselves the entire time.

Source: Video Games Blogger via Joystiq

The West is getting a little less wild as Rockstar tackles online outlaws. Following what it calls “isolated incidents of abuse,” Rockstar is adding some new features to Red Dead Redemption to deal with online cheaters and griefers in a title update scheduled for release within the next month.

Those who are being bullied in Free Roam mode will have the ability to get heck out of Dodge by transporting to an area of their choice on the map. In addition, any player who gets a kill streak of six or more in Free Roam will earn the dubious honor of being “Most Wanted,” which means that every other player is alerted to their activities, and the game sends NPC lawmen after them.

When it comes to actual cheating, Rockstar says that anyone found to be cheating “without a shadow of a doubt” will be banned from the game for an unspecified period. Rockstar adds that it will continue to monitor Red Dead Redemption’s multiplayer and will continue to release updates as necessary.

It’s always good to see a developer taking anti-social behavior in a game seriously, and hopefully this update will make the game more enjoyable for people who had had a negative experience in the past.
Source: Eurogamer

And while all that is good, this is the money shot:

Today, we are proud to announce plans for an ongoing series of downloadable content for Red Dead Redemption.

Four packs of add-on downloadable content will be released for PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE over the next few months, starting with the ‘Legends and Killers’ Pack at the beginning of August and culminating with the Red Dead Redemption ‘Undead Nightmare’ Pack this fall. These packs follow the recent release of the Free ‘Outlaws to The End’ Co-Op Mission Pack, which is available now on PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE.

The upcoming downloadable content includes:

Legends and Killers Pack (Releasing beginning of August 2010)
New active map locations, characters and more:
9 New Multiplayer map locations — more than doubling the amount of territories in the Multiplayer Competitive modes
8 New Multiplayer characters— play as characters from Red Dead Revolver
Introducing a new projectile weapon: the Tomahawk, with corresponding Challenges for single player and multiplayer
New Achievements/Trophies
Pricing: $9.99 (PlayStation Network), 800 Microsoft Points (Xbox LIVE)

Liars and Cheats Pack
New Competitive Modes, Multiplayer Mini-games in Free Roam, and more:
‘Attack and Defend’ Multiplayer Competitive Mode and Challenges
New Multiplayer Horse Races complete with mounted combat
Play as the heroes and villains of Red Dead Redemption as well as 8 additional multiplayer characters
Multiplayer versions of Liars Dice and Poker from the single-player game
Introducing a new weapon: the Explosive Rifle, with associated Challenges available in single-player and multiplayer
New Achievements/Trophies
Release date TBC
Pricing: $9.99 (PlayStation Network), 800 Microsoft Points (Xbox LIVE)

Free Roam Pack
Delve deeper into the world of Red Dead Redemption with new Modes, Challenges and Gang Hideouts to discover:
Additional Free Roam Challenges
New action areas and defensive placements
Posse Scoring / Posse Leaderboards
New ‘anti-griefing’ measures in Free Roam
Release date and pricing TBC

Undead Nightmare Pack
Ghost towns and cemeteries come alive in a West gone horribly wrong:
Brand new single player adventure, Challenges and quests
8 New Multiplayer Zombie characters
Additional animals unleashed in the world
New Dynamic events
More details to follow…
Release date TBC
Pricing: $9.99 (PlayStation Network), 800 Microsoft Points (Xbox LIVE)

More details on these upcoming packs and other updates will be revealed closer to each release. For more news and information over the coming months, stay tuned here on our Facebook Page, at the Rockstar Newswire, the official Red Dead Redemption website or Twitter.

Source: Rockstar Games

Yeah, we are going to be roaming the old west for a little while longer….


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  1. Daaaaaaamn, just this game makes me wanna buy a PS3. And a HDTV!

  2. Red Dead Redemption Video Reviews >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0yYqM9ItBw

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