We Got Game: Batman – Arkham City

First off, this is not a full blown out review. There are enough of those around the web.  Go find a video game site and I promise you, there is a massive review about this game.  Plus you have various comic book sites, movie sites, entertainment sites, etc.  Here’s the thang:  They all say basically the same thing….


This game fucking rocks.


No.  Seriously.  It rocks.  Definite contender for Game of the Year.  It’s probably the early front runner.  If you liked Batman – Arkham Asylum, you will love BAC.  Plus there will be massive DLC for the game.  You already know about Catwoman, right?  She’s actually playable in the story format..  But you also have Robin and Nightwing.  Oh yeah..  And more maps.  And more villians.  Some suprises I will not spoil for you.


Get this game.  NOW.




~ by sladewilson on October 25, 2011.

One Response to “We Got Game: Batman – Arkham City”

  1. Yeah, I’ve seen a friend play it. And then I walked out of the room to avoid spoilers because I want to experience it myself. It looked really brilliant.

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